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Ergonomic Partners is your turnkey solution provider for material handling applications.

We specialize in custom lift assist and lifting devices, anti-fatigue mats and matting, chain hoist, bridge cranes, manipulator arms, adjustable height work tables, lift tables and other ergonomic products.

Ergonomic Partners is an ergonomic material handling solutions company specializing in improving worker productivity while reducing the risk and associated costs of worker injury. With over 30 years of material handling experience, we combine the best off-the-shelf ergonomic material handling and work station equipment. Our custom designed and engineered lifting devices and special equipment solutions help to create optimum cost effective improvements for your most demanding projects.

Ergonomic Partners specializes in the following:
Ergonomic Floor Mats
Ergonomic Floor Mats

Ergonomic floor mats were developed to solve short-term fatigue and long-term injury associated with standing work positions by increasing blood circulation.

Custom Lifting Devices
Custom Lifting Devices

Specifically engineered for your application, custom lifting devices take the heavy lifting off your operators reducing risk of injury.

Chain Hoists
Chain Hoists

With our wide variety of light duty, heavy duty, air and electric chain hoists, let Ergonomic Partners help you select the right hoist for your application.

Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Lifts & Box Lifting Devices
Vacuum Lifters

These vacuum lifters are ideal for box, sheet metal, roll and bag handling applications.

Product Directory

Cranes and Crane Products
Chain Hoists and Manual Chain Hoists
Custom Lifting Devices
  • Custom Lifting Devices – Custom below the hook lifting devices, vacuum and suction lifting devices, pneumatic lifting devices, roll lift assist, bag lift assist, and drum lifting devices.
  • Ergonomic Lift Assist – Ergonomic Partners works with manufacturers in every industry to provide custom lift assist, vacuum lifters, pneumatic grippers, electromagnet tooling, permanent magnet grippers and other custom end effectors.
  • Gorbel G-Force® – Intelligent hoist; zero gravity lifting devices; intelligent lifting device.
  • Gorbel Easy Arm™ – Intelligent lifting arm with zero gravity float mode capabilities.
  • Vacuum Lifters – Vacuum tube lifters and vacuum lift for sheets, bags and boxes.
  • Vacuum Lifter for Palletizing/Stacking Boxes – Custom designed vacuum lifter for box palletizing and stacking to handle 100 pound boxes in an ergonomic position from the floor to 110 inches.
  • Portable Ergonomic Lifters – Mobile Ergonomic Lifts are ideal for pharmaceutical drum lifting, roll handling, and many other ergonomic lifting applications
  • Tool Balancers – Tool Balancers, Load Balancers and Endo Spring Balancers by Conductix-Wampfler
  • Tool Balancer Jib Cranes – Tool Balancer Jibs, Tool Balancers and Jib Kits For Pneumatic and Spring Balancers.
  • Torque Reaction Arm, Tool Support System & Assembly Arms – Torque reaction arms, tool support systems and assembly arms are ideal tools to relieve an operator from the torque experience when operating assembly tools.
  • Ingersoll Rand Zimmerman Air Balancer ZA – Ingersoll Rand's Zimmerman Series Air Balancer is ideal for high cycle repetitive lifting applications.
  • Zero Gravity Tool Balancer – Precise balance of any tool load.
  • Custom Lifting Device Videos – Videos on lift assist and lifting devices, roll handling, and many other custom lifting applications
  • Custom Lifting Device Case Studies – Case Studies on custom lifting devices, roll handling, and many other ergonomic lifting applications
Manipulator Arms
Lift Table and Industrial Work Benches
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