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For economy and dependability, the Budgit chain hoist is a tough hoist to beat. There are units that have been in there field over 50 years and are still in production. These hoists are built by CM right along with the Yale, and Shaw Box brands.

For over 60 years, Budgit Electric Chain Hoists have been designed and manufactured for tough jobs and made right here in the U.S.A.

Since 1935, Budgit has led the industry in innovation, quality and dependability. These compact, lightweight, economical chain fall hoists are built to withstand the rigors of heavy service and repeated lifting cycles.

Budgit chain hoists come with two choices of load chain; roller and link.

  • Roller chain provides smoother, quieter operation for light to medium duty applications. Roller chain models are available only in hook suspension.
  • Link chain hoists are ideal for heavier service applications requiring repeated lifting cycles.

All Budgit 1 ton and 2 ton chain hoists are equipped with a heavy duty, positive acting, short-stroke DC rectified disc motor brake. The brake is rated at 150% torque to stop and hold the load.

In addition, all chain fall hoists are provided with a Weston-type mechanical load brake for load lowering control and as a backup to the hoist motor brake. A Budgit-Manguard overload device is also standard on all Budgit Electric Chain Hoists. The Budgit-Manguard protects the hoist, operator and supporting structure by preventing dangerous overloads.

A wide variety of trolleys are provided for both hook and lug suspended hoists. Trolleys are available in push, hand-geared and motor-driven versions. Hook-on trolleys are available in either push or hand-geared versions. Rigid Mount trolleys are available in push, hand-geared and motor-driven versions.

These chain hoists are available in a variety of controls to meet the specific need of your application. The standard control is single speed with options available for two speed and variable frequency.

Ergonomic Partners sales engineers have over 25 years experience applying the right Budgit chain hoist for your application.

Budgit Chain Hoists are loaded with features:
  1. High-torque, heavy duty hoist motor. Motors are 30-minute rated with class "B" insulation provided with a thermal actuated switch (TAS) embedded in the motor winding for protection.
  2. Motor brake is a 150% torque, DC rectified short stroke, spring set disc brake for positive braking action and long life with minimal maintenance.
  3. Load sprocket is provided with a full floating chain guide that assures proper engagement of load chain on sprocket.
  4. All gearing is totally enclosed, oil-bath lubricated for long life.
  5. Hoists are available in either roller or link chain.
  6. The lower block is provided with a 360° rotating hook riding on thrust bearings. As standard, the hook is provided with a spring loaded latch.
  7. The hoist frame and housing are constructed from lightweight, rugged aluminum alloy. Housing is precision machined for accurate gear and bearing alignment.
  8. All hoists are provided with mechanical load brake and Budgit-Manguard overload protection. The load brake provides load lowering control and a backup for the DC disc motor brake.
  9. Budgit-Manguard prevents lifting loads beyond the hoist's load range which may damage the hoist.
  10. Hoist control is located under a removable cover for easy access
  11. Reduced control circuit voltage of 115 volt is standard.
  12. All hoists are provided with an upper and lower control circuit limit switch.
  13. Hoists are available in either hook or lug suspension.
  14. Hook suspension permits portability of the hoist while lug suspension reduces headroom and can be used with any of our rigid-mount trolleys.
  15. Standard push-button control station is contoured for operator comfort allowing easy one-handed sure grip control and provided with a weatherproof
  16. NEMA-4X enclosure. The push-button cable is provided with built-in strain relief to help prevent cable damage.
Budgit Electric Hoists General Specifications
  • Capacity Range: 1/4 thru 3-tons
  • Lift: 10 feet standard- additional lifts available
  • Lifting Speed: 5 to 64 FPM
  • AC Power Supply: 208, 230, 460 volt three phase and 115 volt single phase
  • Control: Push-button control voltage of 115 volts standard on all 3 phase models
  • Suspensions: Hook, lug, push trolley and motorized trolley.
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