Crane End Trucks and Crane Kits by CM, Harringtion, and R&M

These bridge crane kits by CM, Harrington, and R&M contain all the parts needed to build underhung and top running single girder bridge crane bridges, except for the hoist, bridge beam, and trolley stop angles.


R&M End Trucks and Crane Kits
RTS and RSN Top Running Bridge Crane Models
  • Heavy duty box construction
  • Double flanged wheels
  • Rotating axle drive wheel (optional on idler wheel)
  • Standard wheels are flat tread ductile iron
  • Include rail sweeps and bumpers
  • Mates with GES Series Bridge Drives
  • Bolted structural connection plates
  • Single girder, double girder and bogie trucks available.
RU/RH (Under Running Bridge Crane) MODEL
  • Adjustable for various flange widths
  • Ductile iron, single flange crown tread wheels
  • Easy access to wheels for maintenance
  • Lubricated for life antifriction bearings
  • Equipped with bumpers and drop lugs
  • Patented track wheels avaliable
  • Mates with R&M GEK Bridge Drives
Types of End Trucks
Under-Running Angle Type End Truck
  • Capacity: 1/2 thru 2 ton
  • Span: Up to 30 feet
  • Crane end trucks are constructed out of heavy steel angles with pressed steel or forged wheels. Bridge crane kit comes with bolted steel safety lugs and hardware to attach to the bridge beam. This economical crane kit can be provided with patented track wheels, or spark resistant wheels.
Under-Running Channel Type End Truck
  • Capacity: 3-5 ton
  • Span: Up to 36 feet
  • Kit comes with bolted steel safety lugs and hardware to attach to the bridge beam. This heavier channel bridge crane kit can be provided with patented track wheels, or spark resistant wheels.
Top Running Push Type End Trucks
  • Capacity: 5 ton
  • Span: Up to 36 feet
  • Double flange wheel designed for up to 40# ASCE rail. The end truck is designed from channels to for a rigid box. All bearing all lifetime sealed. Bronze wheels are available for a spark resistant crane.
Harrington CHPC Convertible Single Girder Crane Kit
This push type crane is rated for Class "B" medium duty use. This system is suitable for top running or underhung applications.
  • Capacities range from 1/2 Ton through 2 Ton
  • No welding is required with an easy bolt together assembly.
  •  Rail sweeps and drop stops are standard equipment
  • Cranes include a pre-drilled bridge beam, end trucks, all necessary hardware
  • This bridge crane kit does not include a hoist
UM /UP/UG Underhung and TM/TP/TG Top Running Harrington End Trucks

These single girder end trucks come in capacities from 1 Ton to 10 ton and can be motorized or manual push/pull. They are designed with side guide roller assemblies to reduce wear and tear on beam flanges. All components meet CMAA requirements and are manufactured out of high quality tube stee.

To understand the model number you will need to know what the letters stand for:
  • U - Underhung
  • T - Top Running
  • M – Motorized
  • P – Push
  • G – Hand Geared
Ergonomic Partners can provide additional crane accessories.
  • C-Track bridge or runway festoon
  • Tagline bridge or runway festoon
  • Collector arms and collectors
  • Runway electrification
  • Manual or motorized hoist and trolleys
  • Top or under-running runways
  • Radio control
  • Motorized crane components

If you would prefer for Ergonomic Partners to provide a complete crane we can come to your facility to specify and provide a solution to your crane needs. Complete cranes provided up to 120 foot span and 100 ton capacity.

Contact your Ergonomic Partners sales representative for a site visit.

Ergonomic Partners manufactures, sells, and services ½ ton to 10-ton bridge crane end trucks; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.