Demag Electric Chain Hoists

Demag's most cost competitive hoist. The DC chain hoist has the standard features you need, for safe operation you can trust. These small electric hoists are perfect for installation on a workstation crane system, or jib crane. These Demag hoists are built to be easily moved around by your operators.

Demag Hoist Features
  • Hoist Capacity: 275 pounds to 4,400 pounds
  • Hoist Speeds: up to 32 fpm on 275 pound units, up to 16 fpm on remainder of hoists. -DC-PRO has speeds up to 100 fpm
  • Hoist Suspensions: top hook, push trolley, and motorized trolley
  • Hoist Limit Switches: Upper and Lower limit switches
  • Hoist Overload: Slip clutch to prevent damaging overloads of your hoist unit
  • Hoist Rating: H-4 hoist rating
  • Motorized Trolley Speed: Motorized trolleys available with standard 2-speed of 80/20 fpm
  • High safety factor for load chain
  • Gearbox lubricated for 10 years
  • State of the art controls
  • Long life low amp switching
  • Easily adjustable pendant height
  • Pendant or available with remote control
  • 5 or 6 pocket wheel sprocket
  • Plug in electrical connections
  • Diagnostic service data
  • Integrated 3 axis motion controls
  • CSA approved
  • 24 volt pendant control voltage
  • Cycle and load spectrum monitoring
  • All Demag hoists to 1 ton are single reeved
  • IP55 rated enclosure suitable for outdoor environment
  • Universal tread wheels standard, adjustable from 2.25"-12" standard
  • Up to 360 starts per hour. All small electric hoists are 2-speed as standard, 4:1 speed ratio.
  • In addition to the standard pendant, Demag offers the Manulift ergonomic handle.

All electrical controls are located in one panel and all mechanical components are located in another for ease of maintenance.

Reliability you can expect - Demag hoists are designed for long life and backed with a long 2 year "no catch" warranty.

About Demag

The North American operations of Demag Cranes & Components are based in Cleveland, OH. The company has more than 300 employees, and three manufacturing facilities America, with annual sales of $75 million.

The company's product philosophy is based on a proven, modular system approach. Modular components, which are compatible with one another, are combined in various ways to meet individual requirements and to form material handling equipment and machinery that function at the highest levels of efficiency.

Components are manufactured to high quality standards using the latest techniques and processes, including continuous tests and checks throughout the manufacturing process. Each system meets or exceeds national regulations or standards. Total Quality Management (TQM) is being implemented across operations to further improve customer satisfaction and company performance by developing a cross-functional, team-based style and enhancing the talents of all employees in the area of quality improvement methods and processes.

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