Ergonomic Floor Mats - Commercial and Industrial Matting

Ergonomic Floor Mats

Walking or standing on hard surfaces presses down on your joints and crushes your blood vessels flat. This causes a lot of strain on the body, creating uncomfortable pressure points. Have you ever left a job after standing on concrete all day? Most likely you will have a soar back, pain in your feet, and an aching throb in your lower legs. Industrial floor mats help stimulate blood flow to these areas, preventing problems like varicose veins and chronic pain.

Rubber Runner Mats

Looking to go green? Protect your floors with rubber runner mats. Great for your facility and the environment, these rubber ergonomic floor mats are compiled with 33% to 100% post industrial recycled material. Runner mats are available in a variety of surface patterns, and are ideal for long narrow runs.

Interlocking Rubber Mats

Reduce fatigue with modular anti-fatigue mats and matting and drainage mats for wet areas. Modular anti-fatigue matting can be quickly assembled to cover large and unusually shaped areas resulting in reduced installation costs. The best part of interlocking floor mats is that If one section ever gets damaged during use, it can be unlocked and easily replaced. Interlocking ergonomic floor mats can be sized to cover a small work cell or a large area. These industrial floor mats don't force you to commit to a certain size. Because it is modular, you have the flexibility to change the layout of your cell as many times as you like.

ESD Safety Mats

Conductive safety mats are designed to control the risk of static discharge by quickly draining it from workers. To eliminate hazards and protect sensitive equipment from static electricity, utilize both Electrically Conductive and Static Dissipative matting. The only difference, conductive mats disperse the static electricity quicker than static dissipative mats.

Food Production Mats

These anti-fatigue mats are formulated to withstand greases, oils and wear found in food processing environments. These mats are designed to meet the needs of the food production industry. They are comfortable, easy to maintain, and can help stimulate blood flow in a workers who stand for a living.

Labs and Pharmaceutical Mats

Lab and pharmaceutical mats are recommended for standing workers by OSHA and the CDC. Ergonomically designed matting increases worker comfort, ability to focus, and overall productivity. Focusing on the employee's ability to focus on the job is important especially in areas such as hospital pharmacies or lab and research centers.


Most commonly called Switchboard matting, these non-conductive mats insulate workers, protecting from deadly shocks generated by high voltage equipment. Ergonomic Partners offers mats that meet:

  • ASTM D178-01 specifications (No. 701 and No. 702)
  • Military 15562F specifications (No. 710, No. 711 and No. 712)

These ergonomic floor mats are tested and proven to have a high Dielectric strength. However, to provide a large margin of safety the maximum recommended voltage exposure is much less. This is important since the switchboard anti-fatigue mats are true safety mats, designed to save employees lives.

Ergonomic Partners provides ergonomic floor mats in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.