Ergonomic Lift Assist for Rolls, Glass, Silicon Ingots, Panels, Sheet Metal and Casting Handling.

Ergonomic Partners manufacturers custom lift assist, vacuum lifters and lift assists, pneumatic grippers, electromagnet tooling, permanent magnet grippers and other custom end effectors for all industries.

Why Use Ergonomic Lift Assists?

Highly repetitive manual lifting of heavy awkward loads can contribute to back, neck, shoulder, and wrist strain. By eliminating these unnatural motions, ergonomic lift assists greatly reduce the risk of a repetitive stress injury.

Special lifting devices for rolls, glass, or panels can be more productive than manual handling, especially when long work hours and fatigue are considered as contributors to costly repetitive motion musculoskeletal and back injuries. See a short video of a Silicon Ingot Handling Lift Assist in action here.

Ergonomic lift assists can include anything from standard hooks, electromagnets and core grips, as well as pneumatic clamps or vacuum. All attachments can be equipped with up-end, down-end, rotate, and tilt functions. The above custom tooling is ideal to handle payloads for materials including: sheet metal, panels, rolls, castings and glass.

Engineers and Workers Have Input on the Custom Lifters

In most cases, custom lift assists are not built until the engineer, line worker, and your Ergonomic Partners representative have all had input into the tooling design and use. Ergonomic Partners offer and recommend pre-installation run-offs at our tooling facility to get a more hands feel for the tooling before installing in your facility.

Special lifting applications come in all shapes and sizes. The above special stacker crane was designed to run on dual monorails to load rolls of non-woven material on to unwind spindles at various elevations on a converting process production line in very close quarters.

The core gripper is built with a positive interlock to the end of the unwind spindle and the loading of the roll to the spindle is done with the push of a button on the stacker control handle.

This ergonomic improvement minimizes awkward working postures, heavy lifting, forceful exertions and manual carrying of rolls.

Silicon ingots are particularly difficult to handle. In many cases, the ingots were close in proximity to each other. This prevents us from picking up the parts with a power gripper. The parts were expensive, so we could not use an air balancer or vacuum lifter because of the precise placement. We needed to handle the parts safely and eliminate the heavy manual lifting despite these constraints. This was done the an intelligent assisted lifting device called the Gorbel G-Force

Ergonomic Partners focuses on safety first and simplicity second.

At Ergonomic Partners, we believe that safety of the tooling comes first with the simplicity of the lifting device a close second. Give us a call at 314.884.8884 to let us help with your material handling needs.

Ergonomic Partners engineers, designs and manufacturers ergonomic lift assists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.