Festoon Cable & Crane Electrification

Ergonomic Partners can help solve your conductor bar electrification problems on your existing overhead bridge cranes, gantries, and monorail hoists. Whether you have Duct O Bar, Conductix Insul-8, or an obsolete brand of electrification on your crane or hoist we can help retro-fit with a new festoon cable system or conductor bar system.

We can replace your old tagline, worn out and binding festoon system mobile electrification, cable reel or conductor and bring your current festool cable bar system up to NEC standards.

We utilize c-track festoon or finger-safe enclosed conductor bar on our new applications.

We utilize Magnetek Electromotive C-Track festoon and conductor bar for your overhead bridge cranes, monorail hoists, and gantry cranes.

Electromotive C-Track Festoon

Electromotive Systems offers a complete line of festooning hardware and cable for your material handling applications including hoist monorails, overhead crane festoons, gantry crane festoons, traveling carts or maybe even to retro-fit onto a used overhead crane you may be upgrading.

We can provide the following Festoon Systems:
  • C-Track
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum
  • Heavy-Duty I-Beam
  • Stainless Steel C-Track
  • Mill Duty I-Beam
  • Tag Line Wire Supported
  • Plug and Play Festoon Hardware
  • Pre-assembled festoon systems
  • Individual components

Need your festoon cable system fully assembled to minimize installation time? No problem! Electromotive Systems can furnish pre-assembled and wired festoon systems complete with control box trolleys, pendant stations and plug and play hardware for ease of installation on your existing overhead bridge crane, monorail hoist or gantry crane.

If you really want to reduce labor expense associated with field wiring order your pre-assembled plug and play crane festoon system with a matching Electromotive variable frequency overhead bridge crane controls.

Electromotive Conductor Bar Systems

Electromotive has a wide variety of mobile electrification crane conductor bars for all your material handling applications. We have utilized this electrification on overhead cranes, used cranes, gantries, runways, hoist monorails and any mobile product that needs power. Whether you refer to it as buss bar, bus bar, conductor bar, enclosed conductor bar, figure 8 bar or mobile electrification we can help with your material handling project.

Electromotive 8-Bar

An enclosed conductor bar system used interchangeably with common bottom entry 8-Bar designs. Available for 90, 110, 250 and 350 Amp systems. This is our most popular model and has been used on overhead bridge cranes, hoists, monorails, and gantry cranes.

Electromotive V-Bar

An enclosed conductor bar system with an inverted V running surface for positive tracking of the collector shoe. Available are 90 and 110 Amp systems. This is very popular on crane systems where the customer has had problems with collector shoes coming out of the bar.

Electromotive HX Series

An aluminum extruded inverted high amperage conductor bar with stainless-steel lined contact surface. Available in 400, 700, 1000 and 1500 amp designs for 600 volts A.C./250 volts D.C. heavy duty applications. The conductors are joined with a bolted joint kit connection assembly that assures the full current carrying capacity without interfering with the free travel of the collector contact and is designed to automatically allign the conductor bar sections during installation. Nylon span-in, steel clamp or insulated hanger assemblies provide an additional level of insulation as well as rigid support of the conductor sections. Collector assemblies are offered in single or double copper graphite contact shoe arrangements that accommodate travel speeds of up to 900 ft per minute.

Electromotive Collector Assemblies UL Listed for 8-Bar, V-Bar, FS-Bar, and HX Series Collector Systems

Electromotive Systems provides collector assemblies featuring corrosion resistant, pivot pins and impact-resistant poly-carbonate arms and body which are universally interchangeable. The impact-resistant polycarbonate arms are electrically insulated, and are safety-yellow in color for improved visibility. (These units are available in single and double shoe configurations for 8-bar and V-bar from 100 to 200 Amps. The same collector assembly is used for our HX series bar with a different head assembly rated from 200 to 400 Amps.) Shown is a dual collector which we recommend for applications utilizing variable frequency control which is commonly used for crane control.

Electromotive ELECTROBAR FS®
Electrobar FS Conductor Bar System is designed for the electrification of overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes hoist monorails and automated storage and retrieval systems. Here are just a few of the important features the Electrobar FS Conductor Bar system has to offer:
  • A unique shape that maximizes safety and performance
  • A UL Listed "finger safe" design that minimizes the potential for electrical contact
  • Easy installation and maintenance, which reduces labor costs.

Available in 90, 110, 125*, 250 and 400 AMP ratings, and single and double shoe collector assemblies. Snap-in hanger kits are available for 2, 3 and 4 pole applications.

*Suitable for 125 Amp configurations in non-UL applications.


Electrobar Elite® A totally enclosed 4 conductor bar system available in 60, 100, 130 and 200 Amp configurations. IP23 Finger Safe Rating. Lightweight, rigid design. Modular construction and other design features significantly reduce installation time and cost as compared to other conventional conductor bar systems. This is ideal for hoist monorails

Electromotive FABA

FABA A small, compact multi-conductor bar system designed for automated electrified monorail (AEM) systems, up to 100 Amps.


Ergonomic Partners provides festoon cable systems; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.