Gorbel Easy Arm G-Force® Free Standing and Under Hung Articulating Jib Cranes

The Brains of a G-Force® - The Body of a Jib

Ergonomic Partners utilizes the Gorbel Easy Arm models BX, BXi, Q and iQ to integrate with lifting devices. This servo pivot arm hoist combined with an articulated jib is perfect for small work cell ergonomic lifting projects.

The Gorbel Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm is an ideal solution if you're looking for a turn-key, plug and play lifting solution. You get all the strength, precision, and speed of our patented G-Force® lifting technology and processor controlled electric servo drive system in the body of an ergonomic articulating jib crane.

Gorbel Easy Arm

Gorbel Easy Arm Video

Basic functionality of the Gorbel Easy Arm.

Choose Free Standing for:
  • Easy installation: the unit ships assembled and ready to be installed
  • No foundation required
  • Smaller work areas that require 14 ft. spans or less
  • Capacities of 165 lbs. and 330 lbs.
  • Easy relocation: the Easy Arm is simply bolted to the floor
Choose Under Hung for:
  • Saving valuable floor space
  • Hook heights over 11 ft.
  • Covering multiple work cells
  • Reaching into a work cell or around obstructions
  • Reaching under overhead obstructions like conveyors or exhaust hoods
  • Reaching into machines
  • High cycle pick and place
  • Loading/unloading machined parts
This versatile zero gravity arm design is ideal for lifting applications that involve:
  • Reaching under obstructions / low headroom applications - the wire rope goes over a pulley on the beam so you don't lose the headroom taken by the G-Force actuator.
  • Reach around obstructions
  • Reach into work cells or doorways
  • Rapid change in direction - you don't have to move the weight of the actuator

By designing an Easy Arm that can be mounted to a ceiling or column platform, customers with limited floor space can now profit from the same features and benefits of our Freestanding Easy Arm.

  • Available in 330 lb capacity with
  • Standard spans of 6 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft. and 14 ft.
  • Lift speeds up to 175 feet per minute.

With this speed range and the accuracy of its processor controlled servo-drive system, the Under Hung Easy Arm delivers unmatched precision and versatility in even the most demanding lifting applications.

By mounting this pivot arm hoist from the ceiling, customers can enjoy all the benefits of Easy Arm's Intelligent Lifting without taking up any valuable production floor space. Mounting the Easy Arm to a platform on an enclosed track bridge crane allows users to cover more than one work area with just one Easy Arm. The enclosed track bridge platform allows an operator to use the Easy Arm in one area and safely move it to another work area with ease.

G-Force Handle Configurations

The in-line slide handle allows the operator to get close to the load for more control and precision. With this handle, the load moves with the motion of the operator's hand.

This configuration offers the same smooth control as the slide handle, but accommodates set-ups where the operators can't be close to the load.

This handle is ideal when you have limited headroom, when the operator can't get close to the load or when the operator needs maximum lifting stroke. This handle can also be used when you expect the load to bounce or tip during lifting.

Choose this zero gravity arm design when the handle is mounted more than one foot from where the wire rope attaches to tooling, or when you expect the load to bounce or tip during lifting.

Gorbel Easy Arm™ Free Standing Intelligent Lifting Device
Gorbel Easy Arm™ Free Standing Intelligent Lifting Device
Capacity Height
Span Series Model Number Price Series Model Number Price
165 lbs. 6 ft. 6 ft. Q EA-F-Q-165-6-6-N Call
or Email for pricing.
iQ EA-F-iQ-165-6-6-N Call
or Email for pricing.
8 ft. EA-F-Q-165-6-8-N EA-F-iQ-165-6-8-N
10 ft. EA-F-Q-165-6-10-N EA-F-iQ-165-6-10-N
12 ft. EA-F-Q-165-6-12-N EA-F-iQ-165-6-12-N
14 ft. EA-F-Q-165-6-14-N EA-F-iQ-165-6-14-N
8 ft. 6 ft. EA-F-Q-165-8-6-N EA-F-iQ-165-8-6-N
8 ft. EA-F-Q-165-8-8-N EA-F-iQ-165-8-8-N
10 ft. EA-F-Q-165-8-10-N EA-F-iQ-165-8-10-N
12 ft. EA-F-Q-165-8-12-N EA-F-iQ-165-8-12-N
14 ft. EA-F-Q-165-8-14-N EA-F-iQ-165-8-14-N
10 ft. 6 ft. EA-F-Q-165-10-6-N EA-F-iQ-165-10-6-N
8 ft. EA-F-Q-165-10-8-N EA-F-iQ-165-10-8-N
10 ft. EA-F-Q-165-10-10-N EA-F-iQ-165-10-10-N
12 ft. EA-F-Q-165-10-12-N EA-F-iQ-165-10-12-N
14 ft. EA-F-Q-165-10-14-N EA-F-iQ-165-10-14-N
330 lbs. 6 ft. 6 ft. Q EA-F-Q-330-6-6-N Call
or Email for pricing.
iQ EA-F-iQ-330-6-6-N Call
or Email for pricing.
8 ft. EA-F-Q-330-6-8-N EA-F-iQ-330-6-8-N
10 ft. EA-F-Q-330-6-10-N EA-F-iQ-330-6-10-N
12 ft. EA-F-Q-330-6-12-N EA-F-iQ-330-6-12-N
14 ft. EA-F-Q-330-6-14-N EA-F-iQ-330-6-14-N
8 ft. 6 ft. EA-F-Q-330-8-6-N EA-F-iQ-330-8-6-N
8 ft. EA-F-Q-330-8-8-N EA-F-iQ-330-8-8-N
10 ft. EA-F-Q-330-8-10-N EA-F-iQ-330-8-10-N
12 ft. EA-F-Q-330-8-12-N EA-F-iQ-330-8-12-N
14 ft. EA-F-Q-330-8-14-N EA-F-iQ-330-8-14-N
10 ft. 6 ft. EA-F-Q-330-10-6-N EA-F-iQ-330-10-6-N
8 ft. EA-F-Q-330-10-8-N EA-F-iQ-330-10-8-N
10 ft. EA-F-Q-330-10-10-N EA-F-iQ-330-10-10-N
12 ft. EA-F-Q-330-10-12-N EA-F-iQ-330-10-12-N
14 ft. EA-F-Q-330-10-14-N EA-F-iQ-330-10-14-N
Systems Include: Jib boom, jib arm, pivot assemblies, friction brakes on both pivots, leveling adjustment assembly for boom, G-Force® lifting device assembly, handle, and Free Standing mast assembly (anchor bolts available, but not included).

Ergonomic Partners services Gorbel Easy Arm Zero Gravity lifting devices; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.