1 to 5 Ton Electric Chain Hoists, by CM, Coffing, Budgit, & Harrington

Ergonomic Partners offers the industries' top names such as CM, Coffing, Budgit, and Harrington to solve your pneumatic, electric chain hoist and overhead crane needs. We offer a full range of hoist products including 1 to 5 ton electric chain hoists as well as wire rope, air chain, trolleys, lever, chain falls, beam clamps and crane end trucks.

We stock and quick ship most 1 ton and 2 ton electric chain hoists including manual/hand operated hoists

CM – Air and Electric Hoists (Columbus McKinnon)
  • CM Lodestar (1/8 - 3 ton)
  • CM XL High Capacity - (2 - 7.5 ton)
  • CM Powerstar (2 - 15 ton)
  • CM Valustar (1/4 - 2 ton)
  • CM Shopstar (250 - 1,000 pounds)
  • CM Airstar (500 - 2,000 pounds)
  • CM Shopair (250, 300, 500, 600, and 1,000 pounds)
Budgit or Yale Hoists
  • Budgit BHEC (1/4 - 3 ton)
  • Budgit BAEC (1/4 - 3 ton)
Hand Chain Hoists and Come Alongs
  • CM Ratchet Lever and Hand Chain
  • >Harrington Ratchet Lever and Come Alongs
  • Budgit Ratchet Lever and Hand Chain Hoists
JD Neuhaus Air Chain Hoists
  • 275 pound thru 200 ton capacity
Shaw Box or Yale Electric Wire Rope Hoist Units
  • Monorail, top running, and under running capacities from 1 ton thru 15 ton
  • Double Girder top running units from 1/2 ton thru 100 ton
  • Yale Global King electric wire rope
  • Yale Cable King electric wire rope
  • Shaw Box 700 and 800 Series wire rope
Gorbel Intelligent Zero Gravity Lifter
  • G-Force
  • Easy Arm
Demag Hoists - up to 100 fpm lifting speed!
  • DC Pro (275 pound to 4,400 pound)
  • DC Com - Demag's most competitive model
  • DK Hoist
Coffing Electric Chain Hoists
  • Coffing JLC
  • Coffing Little Mule
Harrington Hoists
  • Harrington SNER
  • Harrington NER

Why buy an electric or pneumatic chain hoist?

  • Chain falls make your work force more productive thru better ergonomics and safety.
  • Electricity and or compressed air are readily available in most plants.
  • They are typically more compact than a wire rope unit.
  • Most units have an overload slip clutch to prevent over capacity loads.
  • Especially in the lower capacities, high speeds are available to help increase your productivity
  • Chain typically is a more durable and less expensive option when compared to wire rope.
  • Most are H-4 duty cycle.
  • A simple chain change-out and you can increase your lift.
  • Hook mounting allows units to be easily changed out around the plant.
  • They always have true vertical lift. A wire rope unit must be double reeved to be true vertical lift.
In addition to the above an air hoist also gives you the additional advantages:
  • Duty cycle is almost continuous H-5 duty
  • Infinitely variable control is standard for better spotting
  • An Air powered motor is inherently spark resistant. Add specific features such as stainless chain, and bronze hooks to meet a specific environment.
Additional Considerations:
  • For optimum pneumatic or electric chain hoist life consider that the ball bearing life varies inversely according to the cube of the load. An example is a one ton electric hoist operated at a mean effective load of 1/2 ton will have a ball bearing life 8 times that of a hoist used at its maximum capacity. Obviously this is a major consideration if hoist repair cost and downtime are issues.
  • If a 2-speed unit is to be used, make sure to confirm the voltage as these are not typically re-connectable to other voltages as single speed electric hoists. For example a 230-3-60 volt unit cannot be wired to run on 460-3-60 on a two-speed motor.
  • Always locate an approved filter lubricator as close as possible to the mounting location.

Ergonomic Partners provides manual/hand, air and electric hoists to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma. We specialize in shipping 1 Ton Hoists and 2 Ton Hoists fast.