Ingersoll Rand's Zimmerman Air Balancer – Pneumatic Balancer

Air Balancers are a perfect combination of durability and usability. With the ability to float the load, precise manual movement and placement can be achieved without the need to jog the hoist. Pneumatic balancers operate within a capacity range of 50 to 2,000 pounds.

Ingersoll Rand Air Balancers

Designed to handle all of your ergonomic lifting needs below 2,000 pounds, Zimmerman pneumatic balancers are used globally because of their ergonomics and value. The simple air piston design is extremely durable even in harsh applications. This maintenance free design is also fast, producing speeds up to 200 feet per minute. The lube free design is rated for continuous duty as it runs lube free.

The IR balancer differentiates itself from a traditional air hoist mainly from by the amount of air they take to operate. These air balancers require only 1/8 cfm per lift. On average, this is 50 times less than what it would take to operate a true air hoist.

Ingersoll Rand's Zimmerman series air balancers are available in 5 standard capacities:
  • 50 lb or 22 kg
  • 150 lb or 68 kg
  • 200 lb or 90 kg
  • 350 lb or 160 kg
  • 500 lb or 225 kg

If the application presents itself, these Ingersoll Rand's Zimmerman air balancers can be tandem reeved to hand both single and variable load applications. The tandem reeved units can handle up to 2,000 pounds.

Ingersoll Rand's Zimmerman air balancers can come standard with four different control options:

ZA CONTROL: This is the most common control option, and operates like a hoist pendent with an up/down control. The controls will typically be integrated with an under the hook tool.

B CONTROL: The B series balancers come with no control package, and are used when integrated with handling devices that already contain controls.

BA CONTROL: For balancing a single, constant load. Perfect for tool, weld gun, or fixture suspension where the load is never removed.

EA CONTROL: Load balancing for 3 loads - High Load, Low Load, and No Load. Used primarily with Load/no load applications.

Our Most Popular Version – The ZA Control Balancer

The ZA version of the Zimmerman air balancer is the most common balancer option. Pneumatic balancers come with a simple ergonomic pendant handle with a green lever for up and a red lever for down. This pendant designs allows for high speed movement of multiple weights. With this handle design, the Ingersoll Rand hoist offers a float mode with 18 inches of travel after the load has been positioned.

Features Include:
  • Pendant Control – Ergonomically designed Up/Down pendant for variable speed control
  • Safety - The unit will maintain the load in the suspended position if the air source is ever lost
  • Standard emergency cable retract brake - If the load is accidentally lost, a spring loaded centrifugal brake automatically stops the rapid upward cable travel
  • Standard overload protection – As air pressure is used to lift the load, it also limits the overall capacity. This prevents the unit from exceeding the maximum rated capacity.
  • Cable travel – Cable travel of 10 feet depending on model and configuration
  • Suspension kits - Suspension kits are available for virtually all enclosed track manufacturers, as well as I-beam, Patented/Hardened track, and Hook mounted configurations
Standard Balancer Part Numbers
Balancer Model Number Capacity at
100 psi lbs
Travel/Lift in.
Reeving Net weight
ZAW-015080 150 80 Single 50 Click for Pricing
ZAW-020120 200 120 Single 62 Click for Pricing
ZAW-032080S 325 80 Single 62 Click for Pricing
ZAW-035080 350 80 Single 62 Click for Pricing
ZAW-050080 500 80 Single 110 Click for Pricing

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