Bishamon Scissor Lift Tables, EZ Loader, L2K, L3K, L5K and EZ-OFF

Ergonomic Partners handles a wide variety of ergonomic scissor lifts, ergonomic lift tables, work positioners, pallet and bin tippers and other equipment for container handling, vertical lifting and work positioning. This material handling equipment is designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for workplace injuries.

Our product offerings include: scissor lift tables, container tilters, pallet level loaders, pallet trucks, self leveling lift table, pneumatic lift tables, turntables and other palletizing equipment. We also handle custom coil and roll handling equipment, roll on level loaders, dock lifts, vertical conveyors, portable ergonomic scissor lifts and manual lifter transporters.

Combining lift assist equipment with a work positioners in a production environment, can drastically improve safety and productivity. No more heavy lifting, awkward bending or uncomfortable working postures. Learn how these products can help you in our pallet jack lift table case study.

Bishamon EZ Loader
EZ Loader Self Adjusting Lift Table

The new EZ Loader now handles loads from a minimum self leveling weight of 250 pounds up to a maximum self-leveling weight of 3,500 pounds with a maximum load weight of 4,000 pounds. To make it even better, a three position adjustability knob was added that allows adjustment of the collapsed capacity without changing the air pressure.

Bishamon EZ Loaders are true ergonomic tools in every sense of the word. They are designed to eliminate worker bending by automatically raising and lowering pallets during loading or unloading without the use of mechanical springs. EZ Loaders also allow easy pallet rotation so the worker does not have to reach or strain. As the load weight changes, this Bishamon lift table automatically adjusts, keeping the top of the load at a convenient working height. The patented pneumatic operating system found only in the EZ Loader has proven to be the top choice of industry professionals worldwide.

Standard Features
  • Self-leveling design automatically keeps the top of the load at a convenient working height to help eliminate bending and improve productivity
  • Integral rotator ring helps eliminate reaching and stretching
  • Captive air operation eliminates cumbersome mechanical springs and gives more controlled (dampened) movement to the platform
  • Infinitely adjustable for varied loads by simply adding or bleeding air - no changing of springs required
  • Pressure gauge and air valves are protected, yet located for easy access. The custom air gauge indicates pressure in English and metric scales
  • Secured ball-bearing center pivot of the 43 inch diameter, rotator ring provides smooth, even rotation
  • A three position adjustability knob allows adjustment of the collapsed capacity without changing air pressure
  • Pressure relief valve prevents excess pressure build-up
  • Heavy-duty structural steel construction to handle tough industrial environments
  • Surfaces are phosphatized and powder coated with a high-quality polyester for a lasting, durable finish
  • Rollers are entrapped in the base frame and platform for added stability
  • Safety finger guards under the rotator ring are standard on all EZ Loaders
  • EZ Loaders arrive at your facility fully assembled - just add air!
  • Easily transported with a fork truck or optional portability packages
  • Bishamon pallet jacks use no mechanical springs, use captive air to eliminate the need for a constant air supply
  • Self-raising and lowering of the pallet as load weight changes
  • No springs to change or estimating of weight
  • Simple adjustments of weight capacities to work requirements
  • Self-dampening eliminates the need for shock absorbers
  • Rotator ring minimizes walking and reaching during the loading process
  • Smooth, even rotator ring motion improves worker efficiency
  • Work is always at the optimum level so worker does not have to bend, stretch or strain
  • Requires very little maintenance
EZ Loader Models
Model Travel Capacity Self Leveling Capacity Range Height (in.) Ship Weight Price
(in.) (lbs.) Min. (lbs.) Max. (lbs.) Low Raised (lbs.)
EZ Loader 20.0 4,000 250 3,500 10.5 30.5 500 Click for Pricing
EZ Loader-E* 20.0 4,000 250 3,500 10.5 30.5 500 Click for Pricing
EZ Loader-SS 20.0 4,000 250 3,500 10.5 30.5 500 Call for Pricing
EZ-Loader has a standard powder coated finish
EZ Loader-E has an FDA compliant powder coated finish with stainless steel solid round top
EZ Loader-SS is grade 304 stainless steel with an electro-polished finish
* E models are not rust-proof and not approved for washdown applications. The EZ Loader is CE marked under the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC).
L2K, L3K, and L5K - Scissor Lift Tables

Designed from the ground up, the Bishamon LK-Series work positioners introduce a new concept in lift table manufacturing. LK pallet lift tables are produced in 3 capacity ranges and 8 models to handle most of your lift table needs with fast delivery. LK lifts increase productivity and reduce worker strain in today's harsh industrial environments by eliminating unproductive lifting, bending and stretching that ultimately leads to worker fatigue and injuries.

Standard Features:
  • Complies with ANSI MH 29.1:2012 "Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissor Lifts"
  • 115 volt operator control system
  • Flow limiting valve at each cylinder
  • Pressure compensated flow control at power unit
  • Hinged maintenance bars
  • Rugged construction with high strength structural steel components and welds
  • Large heavy duty torque tube
  • Rollers are entrapped in base frame and platform for added stability
  • Self-lubricating, maintenance free bushings at all pivot points
  • Unitized, compact, internal power unit and reservoir combination
  • Continuous axles at rollers
  • Heavy duty cylinder(s) with chrome plated cylinder rod(s) and premium seals
  • Durable powder coated finish
Selector Table for L2K, L3K, and L5K
Model Travel Capacity Platform Size Height (in) Up Time Dwn. Time Approx. Ship. Weight Price
(inches) (pounds) (inches) Lowered Raised (sec)* (sec)* (pounds)
L2K-2848 30 2,000 28 x 48 8.7 38.5 24 12 469 Click for Pricing
L2K-3648 30 2,000 36 x 48 8.5 38.5 24 12 490 Click for Pricing
L2K-TT 30 2,000 43 inch dia. 11.5 41.5 24 12 540 Click for Pricing
L3K-2848 34 3,000 28 x 48 8.63 42.63 25 12 530 Click for Pricing
L3K-3648 34 3,000 36 x 48 8.63 42.63 25 12 560 Click for Pricing
L3K-TT 34 3,000 43 inch dia. 11.75 45.75 25 12 680 Click for Pricing
L5K-3256 39.25 5,000 32 x 46 8.75 48 50 24 730 Click for Pricing
L5K-4872 39.25 5,000 48 x 72 8.75 48 50 24 1030 Click for Pricing
* Up and down times are approximate for a lift with no load. The loaded up time will be slightly longer and the loaded down time will be slightly less.
EZ OFF Lifter Model EZO-25E and EZO-25E-3S

The Bishamon EZ Off Lifter pallet positioners are the ultimate ergonomic solution for loading or unloading pallets in applications when loads are transported with a pallet truck. These revolutionary pallet lift tables provide the answer for maintaining the load at a convenient working height. Our Bishamon lifts also provide easy pallet rotation and near side loading to eliminate excessive lifting, bending, and stretching. These pallet lift tables are electro-hydraulic operation and available in a free-standing front access model, and a bolt-down model with ramp access from three positions.

Standard Features:

  • Feet-clear safety circuit automatically stops the platform descent at 9 inches above the floor preventing unintentional foot entrapment under the platform or pallet
  • Safety Warning Lights and Alarm alert the operator before the platform lowers from the intermediate safety stop
  • Platform Safety Covers guard pinch points around the mast and mast rollers
  • Chain Cover guards pinch points around the upper chain wheel
  • Hydraulic power unit with unitized control valves and reservoir
  • 1 HP 115 V electric motor
  • 40.50 inches in diameter rotating disk supported by 32 precision ball bearings
  • Automatic Platform Lock prevents platform rotation in the lowered position
  • Hinged integrated approach ramp
  • Integrated lifting tabs and platform catches for transporting with a forklift
  • Rear leveling feet
  • Durable powder coated finish
    • EZO-25E-3S Model Only:
      • Pallet truck access from 3 sides
      • One fixed ramp fits all 3 sides
      • One pallet bumper / stop
Selector Table For EZ OFF Lifters
Model Travel
Max. Capacity
Floor Anchors
Low Hgt
Raised Hgt
Max. Pallet
Size (in.)
Ship Wt.
EZO-25E 28.25 2500 No 1.75 30.00 44 x 48 1350 Click for Pricing
EZO-25E-3S 28.25 2500 Yes 1.75 30.00 44 x 48 1350 Click for Pricing

Ergonomic Partners sells and services the Bishamon EZ Loader, L2K, L3K, and L5K and Pallet Jacks; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.