Pallet Inverters, Upenders and Pallet Rotators

Pallet Inverters - 180 degree Pallet Rotators

Our standard pallet inverter can handle pallets 48" x 48" x 60" high. The robust steel rotator comes with a handheld pendant station, inverts an entire pallet 180 degrees, and can handle a load up to 4,400 pounds. The unit has an anti-friction turret bearing. With the ability to adjust the pressure, you will reduce the risk of damaging product when rotating the load.

Pallet rotator essentially prevent the customer from having to restack a entire pallet by hand, which in some cases can take up to 20 times longer. This is a waste of time, money and limits productivity.

The pallet inverter unit is equipped with safety rail. This provides a visual alert as well as a physical barrier to protect your operators. With forklift pockets located in the base of the unit, it can be relocated in quickly.

There are multiple reasons why you would use a pallet inverter:
  • Replace broken pallets
  • Transfer from pallets to slip sheets
  • Replace damaged goods at the bottom of the load
  • switch loads to company owned pallets to shipping pallets
Standard Features of our Pallet Inverter:
Overall Dimensions:
  • Capacity - 4,400 pounds
  • Width - 52"
  • Depth - 85"
  • Height - 89"
  • Max Opening - 62"
  • Min Opening - 30"
  • Clamp Speed - 2" per second
  • Shipping Weight - 4,000 pounds
Clamping Dimensions:
  • Width - 48"
  • Depth - 48"
  • Height - 60"

Dual clamping (both platens move equally toward center, resulting in the load center being near the center of rotation, this means lower stress on the rotating mechanism as opposed to a "single clamp"). Use of cylinders and chains equalizes movement and clamp force.

Check the chart below for a list of features and select a model to see pallet inverter prices.

Model Capacity
Max. Clamp Opening Min. Clamp Opening Max. Load Size
W x D x H
Approx. Ship
Weight (lbs)
SR-44-60 4,400 60" 30" 48" x 48" x 60" 3,800 Click for Pricing
SR-44-72 4400 72" 42" 48" x 48" x 72" 4,000 Click for Pricing
SR-44-84 4400 84" 54" 48" x 48" x 84" 4,400 Click for Pricing
Standard voltage is 460/3/60.
Upenders and Rotators

Upenders and upender lifts are used to rotate steel coils and other cubic loads though 90 degrees. Our upenders are custom engineered for your particular application to up-end or down-end any coil, die or heavy product.

Mechanical upenders are built with a cylindrical shaped cradle that is placed on four machined rollers, and is rotated by means of a gear motor. They usually have two platforms that are square and of equal size on either side of the machine.

Available design features for mechanical upenders include:
  • Standard design from 1,000 to 100,000 pounds capacity
  • Flat platforms or V-saddles to support coils in a horizontal orientation
  • Special platform sizes and shapes available
  • 180-degree base rotation
  • Pallet centering
  • Gravity or powered conveyors
  • Tilt or shift platforms
Hydraulic Barrel-Style Load Inverters

Named for their circular shape, are ideally suited to production line or high volume operations

They can be loaded and unloaded from the same point by either a forklift or a conveyor.

Barrel inverters can also be customized suit your application with a wide variety of options including:
  • Long reach hydraulic scissors clamping
  • Multi-direction clamping
  • Programmable logic controllers that automatically sequence loading and unloading
  • Selectable pressure settings
  • Gravity or powered conveyor platforms
  • Other innovative features that increase the efficiency and productivity of your processes

Ergonomic Partners sells and distributes pallet inverters; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.