Wilkuro Steel Toe Overshoes - Safety Shoe Alternative

Steel Toe Overshoes provide slip-resistant toe protection for casual or temporary workers, visitors to a plant, sales persons, executives or clerical staff entering an area where toe safety is required.

Wilkuro Safety Toes

The Original Wilkuro Safety Toes are used by major organizations across North America as standard plant safety equipment. These safety overshoes are ideal in any environment where there is risk of accidental toe damage or where a steel toe shoe is required.

The color-coded toe cap design is now available in seven color-coded sizes for easy identification. While selecting your safety footwear, consider trying them on with heavy socks. The fit should be a little loose in order to allow for your foot to expand as it does while working on your feet. If necessary, using inserts may allow for increased support for your arch.

These steel toe overshoes are designed to fit comfortably over soft-toed shoes and runners. Unlike standard steel-toed safety footwear, they can be passed from person to person without hygiene concerns. They are compact, can be easily stored, and their color-coded steel toes make their sizes easy to identify. Store them in a briefcase, and they will be available whenever needed.

Steel Toe Overshoes Sizes

Wilkuro Steel Toe Overshoes are available in six color-coded sizes. Each pair is made from quality steel and durable PVC and can accommodate most types of low-heeled footwear.

The size chart below provides a general reference point for sizes. As a guide, if your footwear is bulky, please choose the next larger size.

Standard Toe Colors US Men's Sizes* US Women's Sizes* UK Sizes* European Sizes* Part No. Price
Extra-Small Shoe Size 4-5 (Silver) 4-5 6-7 4½-5½ 38½-39½ WIL001 Click for Pricing
Small Shoe Size 6-7 (White) 6-7 8-9 6-7½ 40-41½ WIL002
Medium  Shoe Size 8-9 (Yellow) 8-9 10-11 8-9½ 42-43½ WIL003
Large Shoe Size 10-11 (Red) 10-11 12-13 10-11½ 44-45½ WIL004
Extra-Large Shoe Size 12-13 (Blue) 12-13 14+ 12-13 46-47½ WIL005
Double Extra-Large Shoe Size 13+ (Green) 13+ 14½+ 13+ 48+ WIL006
Triple Extra-Large Shoe Size 16 (Green) 16 15½+ 16 52 WIL007
*PLEASE NOTE: The size chart above provides a general reference point for sizes.
As a guide, if your footwear are bulky, please choose the next larger size.
Test Results

Wilkuro Safety Toes provides visitors at your facility with optimum toe protection for the working environment as a safety shoe alternative to steel toe safety shoes. Wilkuro shoes follow the new ASTM standard of testing. It replaces ANSI Z41 PT91 standard for testing. These steel toe shoes have been tested and meet all of the ASTM and OSHA guidelines.

This specification covers the minimum requirements for the design, performance, and classification of footwear designed to provide protection against work place hazards. This new ASTM standard will replace the current ANSI Z-41 Standard for Personal Protective Footwear which has been the foundation for worker safety as it relates to performance safety footwear as required under OSHA guidelines.

Safety Overshoes with a CE Mark

SATRA is the notifying body that carried out the CE marking of our PPE. The process involves checking that the steel toe overshoes meets the appropriate safety and performance standards and that technical files and user information are correct. We also ensure that procedures are in place for on-going checks of performance and quality.

Wilkuro® Safety Toes Now use a PVC Boot!

Out of 135 standard chemicals tested, the Wilkuro PVC boot consistently outperformed comparable rubber boots. PVC achieved excellent or good scores for chemical resistance in 92 instances. Rubber only achieved these results in 48 instances. PVC — a 192% improvement over rubber!

Commitment to Quality

Wilkuro Safety Toes is an ISO 9001:2000 Registered Firm. The certification was awarded January 15, 2004. This means there is a system in place to check the consistent quality of the Wilkuro Safety Toes product.

Ergonomic Partners provides safety overshoes in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.