Tool Balancers, Load Balancers and Spring Balancers by Endo

Tool balancers, load balancers, spring balancers and air balancers are an ideal way to balance a constant load.

Endo load balancers can be identified by their conical cable drum, which ensures that the retraction force remains virtually 'constant', throughout the full cable travel. As a result, the position is retained after the attached tool has been used. In addition, no noteworthy increase in retraction force occurs when delicate operations are being performed. As a result, Endo tool balancers permit fatigue-free working, even over prolonged periods of time.

Endo provides the necessary products for the optimization of work stations. As an addition to the task saver systems we offer hose reels as well as tool retractors, tool balancers, spring balancers and load balancers. You can choose from a wide range of equipment to suit your special requirements. You can select between several options for your required specification. Test our performance. Most items are in stock and can be shipped immediately.

Endo is known for excellent service for all our products. The current range of our tool counterbalancers is constantly being extended according to our customers' requests. So please call us if you cannot find a solution for your application.

Why Choose an Endo Spring and Load Balancer
  • Endo spring tool balancers offer true zero gravity, with no drifting or strain
  • Tapered drum, quality springs and bearings provide smooth cable travel througout the stroke
  • Tension adjustment is easy and precise
  • Cast aluminum case and forged swivel hook
Required for the selection of a balancer:
  • Choose the size of the balancer with regard to the total weight to be suspended (tool plus accessories) and to the requested hoist.
  • Try to use the upper zone of the balancer's load capacity data if possible.
Installation of the balancer:
  • For safety reasons always use a 2nd load stop device, to prevent the load from falling down.
  • The tool balancer has been arranged for vertical operation. A non-vertical hoist will produce permanent abrasion. We therefore recommend using cable trolleys running within a track system, to guarantee a vertical pull.
  • If several load balances are operated very close to each other, suspend them at different heights to prevent collisions.
  • The spring tension is adjusted to the max load area. To release the initial tension turn the screw counterclockwise.
EK, EW and EWF Series Standard Spring Tool Balancers

Once you reach the 9 lb. minimum range, the EWF series tool balancers include an automatic brake and manual drum lock. In the event that the spring breaks, an automatic centrifugal brake enganges and locks preventing damage to the tool. With the manual lock engaged, the drum will not rotate, the drum will not rotate. This allows for easy change out or tooling.

Endo Spring Tool Balancers
lbs. inches inches lbs.
XA-EK-00 1.1~3.3 19.7 0.08 0.4 Click for Pricing
XA-EK-0 1.1~3.3 39.4 0.12 1.1 Click for Pricing
XA-EW-3 2.2~6.6 51.2 0.12 3.1 Click for Pricing
XA-EW-5 5.5~11.0 51.2 0.12 3.3 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-9 9.9~19.8 51.2 0.16 7.5 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-15 19.8~33.1 51.2 0.16 8.4 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-22 33.1~48.5 59.1 0.19 16.1 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-30 48.5~66.1 59.1 0.19 16.97 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-40 66.1~88.2 59.1 0.19 21.38 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-50 88.2~110.2 59.1 0.19 11.27 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-60 110.2~132.3 59.1 0.19 24.47 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-70 132.3~154.3 59.1 0.19 25.13 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-90 154.3~198.4 78.7 0.19 48.5 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-105 198.4~231.5 78.7 0.19 53 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-120 231.5~264.5 78.7 0.19 61.7 Click for Pricing
ELF Series Long Stroke Tool Balancers

As with the standard length tool balancers, the long stroke balancers offers true zero gravity. Long stroke tool balancers have the same features as a standard balancers with a longer cable travel.

Endo Long Stroke Tool Balancers
lbs. inches lbs.
XA-ELF-3 3.3~6.6 98.4 10.14 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-5 5.5~11.0 98.4 10.58 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-9 11.0~19.8 98.4 14 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-15 19.8~33.1 98.4 25 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-22 33.1~48.5 98.4 25 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-30 48.5~66.1 98.4 28 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-40 66.1~88.1 98.4 34 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-50 88.1~110.2 98.4 36 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-60 110.2~132.2 98.4 38 Click for Pricing
XA-ELF-70 132.2~154.3 98.4 40 Click for Pricing
Endo X Series Food Grade Spring Tool Balancers

The Series "X" balancers are "Food Grade" balancers. They are the ultimate solution when particulates from the standard exterior balancer finish might contaminate food, sensitive assemblies or materials.

Food Grade Spring Tool Balancers
lbs. inches lbs.
XA-EW-3X 2.2~6.6 51.1 3.1 Click for Pricing
XA-EWS-3X 2.2~6.6 51.1 4.2 Click for Pricing
XA-EW-5X 5.5~11.0 51.1 3.3 Click for Pricing
XA-EWS-5X 5.5~11.0 51.1 4.6 Click for Pricing
XA-EWS-7X 11.0~15.4 51.1 4.6 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-9X 9.9~19.8 51.1 7.5 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-15X 19.8~33.1 59.1 8.4 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-22X 33.1~48.5 59.1 16.1 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-30X 48.5~66.1 59.1 16.97 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-40X 66.1~88.2 59.1 21.38 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-50X 88.2~110.2 59.1 11.27 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-60X 110.2~132.3 59.1 24.47 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-70X 132.3~154.3 59.1 25.13 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-90X 154.3~198.4 78.7 48.5 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-105X 198.4~231.5 78.7 53 Click for Pricing
XA-EWF-120X 231.5~264.5 78.7 61.7 Click for Pricing
ETP Series Super High Capacity Tool Balancers
Endo ETP Series High Capacity Tool Balancers
lbs. inches
XA-ETP-14 264.5~308.6 47.24 Click for Pricing
XA-ETP-15 308.6~374.8 47.24 Click for Pricing
XA-ETP-16 374.7~440.9 47.24 Click for Pricing
EWS Series Safety Tool Balancers

The EWS Series Balancers offer true zero gravity, with no drifting or strain. Tapered drum, quality springs and bearings provides smooth cable travel throughout the stroke. This model combines the smaller capacity EW series balancers with the safety features of the larger EWF series balancers. The EWS series has a manual drum lock which allows for easy change out of tools and fall arrest device. Tension adjustment is performed easily with a wrench. Addition-ally, the casing is fully enclosed, eliminating any potential pinch points around the drum.

Endo EWS Series Safety Tool Balancers
lbs. inches
XA-EWS-3 3.3~6.6 51.2 Click for Pricing
XA-EWS-5 6.6~11 51.2 Click for Pricing
XA-EWS-7 11~15.4 51.2 Click for Pricing
Snap Back Safety Balancers (EWA)

The EWA series safety balancers are used in conjuntion with heavier tools and welding machines. This series has all of the standard features, but has an additional safety feature in case the suspension cable is cut. If the cable is cut, the centrifugal brake engages and locks the drum within 3.9 inches or less. This prevents the cable from snapping back and injuring operators.

Endo EWA Series Snap Back Safety Tool Balancers
lbs. inches
XA-EWA-22 33~48.5 59 Click for Pricing
XA-EWA-30 48.5~66.1 59 Click for Pricing
XA-EWA-40 66.1~88.1 59 Click for Pricing
XA-EWA-50 88.1~110.2 59 Click for Pricing
XA-EWA-60 110.2~132.2 59 Click for Pricing
XA-EWA-70 132.2~154.3 59 Click for Pricing
Air Tool Balancers (ATB & THB)

The air tool balancer eliminates the need for an air supply hose and separate cable balancer. Avaliable with either a 1/4 I.D or 3/8 inch ID braided urethan hose. Air tool balancer casings are made of high impact ABS resin that are durable and lightweight.

Endo Air Tool Balancers
lbs. inches inches lbs.
XA-ATB-0 1.1~3.3 51.2 1/4 3.5 Click for Pricing
XA-ATB-1 3.3~6.6 51.2 1/4 3.7 Click for Pricing
XA-ATB-2 6.6~11.0 51.2 1/4 3.8 Click for Pricing
XA-THB-15 1.1~3.3 51.2 3/8 4.2 Click for Pricing
XA-THB-25 3.3~5.5 51.2 3/8 4.4 Click for Pricing
XA-THB-35 5.5~7.7 51.2 3/8 4.6 Click for Pricing
XA-THB-50 7.7~11.0 51.2 3/8 4.6 Click for Pricing
XA-THB-65 11.0~14.3 51.2 3/8 4.9 Click for Pricing
EKN Electrostatic Discharge Tool Balancers

The EKN Series is used where electrostatic discharge can damage electronics or other sensitive assemblies, but where a "clean room" balancer is not needed. The EKN is fitted with a grounding wire, which attaches from the balancer to the secondary support hook. The grounding wire safely dissipates any static electricity charge generated by the friction of the cable while the balancer is in use.

Endo EKN Electrostatic Discharge Tool Balancers
lbs. inches
XA-EKN-00 1.1~3.3 19.69 Click for Pricing
XA-EKN-0 1.1~3.3 39.3 Click for Pricing
XA-SBC-15 1.1~3.3 39.3 Click for Pricing
SBC "Clean Room" Tool Balancer

The SBC-15 is a "clean room" tool balancer used in production of electronics, pharmaceuticals, and other environmentally sensitive components. Its specially sealed aluminum case provides a Class 10 protection rating which meets most clean room requirements. The cable is sheathed in nylon to prevent metal flaking and contamination of the clean environment. It can be used with a multitude of tools including torque drivers and vacuum pin setters. Like the EKN series, these balancers can be fitted with a grounding wire to dissipate static electricity.

Endo SBC "Clean Room" Tool Balancer
lbs. inches
XA-SBC-15 1.1~3.3 39.3 Click for Pricing
Endo PTF Plain Push Tool Balancer Trolleys

The PTF Series plain push trolleys are used for suspending all types of ENDO tool balancers from I-beams, or jib booms. Model PTF-125 and PTF-250 are easily adjustable for different size beams. In addition, the frame is manufactured to protect the wheels from collisions with other trolleys.

PTF Plain Push Tool Balancer Trolleys
lbs. inches
XA-PTF-60 132 2.95 Click for Pricing
XA-PTF-125 276 2.0 / 2.95 Click for Pricing
XA-PTF-250 551 2.95 / 3.93 / 4.92 Click for Pricing

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