Vacuum Lifts, Sheet Metal Lifters & Box Lifting Devices

Ergonomic Partners utilizes vacuum lifts for box handling, drum handling, stacking sheet metal, moving stone or furniture. Our vacuum lifters for sale can help you move your products faster, more ergonomic and safer.


Ergonomic Partners will work with your company to design and implement a vacuum lifter tool to fit your application. Our solutions can be implemented throughout your facility, and can include palletizing, de-palletizing, roll and reel handling, lifting ingots, boxing or un-boxing products, and many more.

We can provide an ergonomic vacuum lifting system for special environments including food grade, pharmaceutical, explosive or hazardous work areas, wash down, and dirty environments. Vacuum lifts integrated with ergonomic Gorbel cranes make a great system that is both easy for workers to use and cost effective.

Ergonomic partners can handle your application from the initial engineering and design stages through implementation of the project. See how we solved one such application with our sheet metal lifter case study.

JumboErgo Vacuum Lifting Equipment

With a twist grip similar to that on a motorcycle, this version can handle light and heavy loads quickly and precisely.

This vacuum lift is suitable for stacking objects on the ground or at heights of up to 2 meters.

JumboSprint Box Handling Device

For handling heavy and unwieldy loads in rough surroundings or in the open air, the JumboSprint is the best solution. The operator grips it with two hands and can position the lifting unit, with its load of sacks, flagstones, or rocks. The Jumbo Sprint is the perfect box vacuum lift assist.

JumboFlex Vacuum Lifter

The JumboFlex vacuum lift is ideal for the frequent and very rapid movement of lighter goods, i.e. those with a weight of up to 35 kg. JumboFlex is a perfect handling solution with ergonomic and simple single-hand operation.


Effortless handling of heavy loads

The VacuMaster is an ideal sheet metal lifter or glass vacuum lifter for sale. Let it simplify your daily handling tasks, particularly when heavy loads have to be moved. Workpieces weighing up to 2000 kg can be lifted with the standard models. There are almost no limits to the possible applications: metal sheets, coils, sheets of wood, planks and beams, stones and rocks, barrels, ... - no problem for the VacuMaster!

Loads which, in the past, had to be moved by several persons can now be handled easily and safely by a single person.

Principle of operation

The load is gripped and lifted with a single medium - vacuum. There is no need for a chain hoist or manipulator to grip and lift the load. The operator controls the vacuum with a valve on the operator handle. Increasing the vacuum draws air out of the tube and the load is lifted. Reducing the vacuum allows air to enter the tube and the load is lowered. Lifting speeds of up to 70 km/h can be achieved.


We also pay great attention to safety. The quick-acting non-return valve and the large-area suction pad prevent the load from being dropped inadvertently - even if the power fails.

Vacuum Lifters are Easy and Safe

Vacuum is created by the presence of any pressure less than atmospheric ambient pressure. Vacuum when properly applied creates a powerful holding force. It can be utilized to pick up the smallest part, to several tons.

Safety is job one. Vacuum tube lifters provide lifting like a hoist and gripping in one safe simple system, without the need for a hoist or clamping grippers. If a power failure occurs, the payload is lowered in a safe controlled manner via a built in non-return safety valve. In addition our vacuum lifters firmly hold the load in place via the large area suction pad.

Vacuum hoists and lifters can be used to hold or lift almost anything when applied properly. Our innovative solutions include:
  • Improved safety and ergonomics
  • Increased efficiency and process throughput
  • Better assembly speed
  • Improves product quality through more efficient handling
  • Savings in time and money by allowing one worker to do a job requiring two or more workers when the lifting task is done manually
Sheet Metal Handling Vacuum Tool

Sheet Metal Vacuum Lifter Video

Vacuum gripper tool for lifting large custom fabricated sheet metal.

Articulating Jib Crane for Vacuum Lifters

Articulating Jib Crane for Vacuum Lifters

This Articulating Jib Crane is specifically designed for Vacuum Tube lifters. It's arms can act as a chamber for providing vacuum pressure.

Palletizing Vacuum Lifter for Stacking Boxes

Palletizing Vacuum Lifter for Stacking Boxes

Vacuum lifter for stacking and palletizing boxes weighing up to 100 pounds and reaching up to 100 inches. This vacuum lifter floats the load in the vertical direction. It does not have up/down operator controls, nor does it have grip/release controls. The tool is completely self-actuating, and is ideal for palletizing and depalletizing boxes coming off a conveyor. It grips on the side of the box, so it can also handle open top boxes.

Ergonomic Partners is a distributor for box, sheet metal and glass vacuum lifters; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.