Yale and Shaw Box Electric Wire Rope Hoist Units

Yale Global King and Shaw Box World Series Hoists - Electric Wire Rope Units

The Shaw-Box World Series and Yale Global King wire rope hoists are made in the same factory by CM utilizing the same design. Just let Ergonomic Partners know which nameplate you prefer. The electric cable hoist is metric rated, low headroom, heavy duty, build to meet and exceed either FEM 2m or 3m duty (similar to ASME H4 or H4+ duty) providing long life in heavy applications with the higher lifting speeds and precise positioning control demanded by industry worldwide.

Our entire series of Yale and Shaw-Box World Series Monorail wire rope hoists are available in top-running versions, from 5 to 25 ton capacities. Under running versions are available from 1 to 15 ton capacity.

  • Hoist Rope drum deep-grooved with heavy-duty rope guide as standard.
  • Heavy-duty DC disc brake rated at 200% torque, provides quick, positive stops and load holding. The DC brake does not oscillate like an AC brake.
  • Hoist Motors designed and manufactured specifically for hoisting service.
  • Steel compound tread wheels for long life and use on either wide-flange or "S" beams (I-Beams). One wheel on each side of trolley driven for positive tracking.
  • All electric cable hoist controls housed in a NEMA 4/12 enclosure with easily accessible electrical components.
  • Triple reduction hoist gearing in an oil tight gear case.
  • Heavy steel frame provides a solid foundation and positive alignment of key components.
  • Low headroom design assures maximum hook travel.
  • Trolley is easily adjustable to handle a wide range of beam flange widths.
  • Hoist Upper/lower geared limit switch is standard for regulated load travel.
  • Hoists are provided as Two-speed hoist and trolley control for smooth acceleration and precise load positioning.
Shaw Box 800 Series
Electric cable hoist Specifications:
  • CAPACITY RANGE: 1/2 to 5 Tons
  • LIFT: 20-60 Feet
  • AC CURRENT: 230/460-3-60 (208/3/60 also available)
  • CONTROL: Single speed, Two Speed, Variable Frequency Control
  • SUSPENSION: Lug, Push Trolley, Hand Geared Trolley and Motor Driven Trolley
Additional Features
  • Easily accessible control enclosure facilitates maintenance
  • High torque, heavy-duty hoist motor for smooth hoisting action
  • Block operated upper limit stop to limit upward hook travel
  • Convenient one-handed pushbutton control for easy operation of all motions
  • 115 volts at push button for operator safety
  • Push-button cable with built in strain reliever cable as used on single speed hoist applications (All others use a separate steel strain reliever cable.)
  • Improved plow steel pre-formed cable for maximum strength and life
  • Full-swiveling, heat-treated forged an existing facility, reducing or steel hook with spring loaded latch
  • Shrouded lower block to help prevent pinched fingers
  • Alloy aluminum gear case and cover is lightweight yet rugged
  • Oil level plug permits easy inspection of oil level
  • Anti-friction bearings throughout for a long lasting hoist drive train
  • Positive action mechanical load lowering control brake, also acts as a part of the hoist holding brake system
  • Triple reduction helical/spur gearing operates in oil bath lube for maximum gearing life
  • Deep grooved, large diameter rope drum helps prevent rope mounting from an overhead structure, or with any of our overwrap for longer wire rope life
  • Heavy welded steel frame ensures precise fit for long electric cable hoist life

If your company has the capabilities we can provide a complete overhead bridge crane kit where everything is provided except the beam. If you just want the crane to show up complete we can also provide a complete system including the runway, electrification and installation.

Ergonomic Partners sells, services and distributes Shawbox World Series and Yale Global King wire rope hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.