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The BOBB – Brick and Concrete Block Wall Builder

The Brick or Block Builder (BOBB) was designed to allow construction companies to take the load of repetitive lifting of heavy concrete blocks off the operator, while improving the efficiency in the actual wall building process. If you are a retaining wall contractor or install (Segmental Retaining Walls) SRW block for a living, this product will improve your safety and speed. Stop crushing fingers, hurting backs, and straining shoulders. Check out the specs below!

Benefits and Features of the BOBB

  • Capacity of 150 pound load.
  • Max Arm Reach of 12 feet.
  • 10 feet vertical travel working zone.
  • Custom outdoor paint.
  • Multiple Pockets for Forklifts to allow for adjustment at any angle.
  • Gas powered, so no air or electric power at the jobsite is required.
  • Increased productivity as operators no longer will be dealing with fatigue.
  • Increased accuracy in block placement.
  • Decreased risk of back, shoulder and neck strains.
  • Check valves lock the unit in place if air is lost.
  • Decreases the risk of block damage when placing as operator will be able to float the load.
  • Grip Jaws will be machined stainless steel to allow for the gripping of a wide range of cinder blocks.
  • Leveling Jacks on the base unit to keep the unit level.

How to Build a Retaining Wall with the BOBB

  • The unit is very simple to use, it consists of a pneumatically powered vertical lift and a simple grip tool. The lifting function will be designed to float a load with simple controls to operate the grip and release.
  • The unit is completely pneumatic with 3 adjustable floating settings:
    • 1st Setting – Tool Unloaded.
    • 2nd Setting – Tool Fully Loaded.
    • 3rd Setting – Tool Partially Loaded (this allows the block to feel some weight to set into the mortar better).
  • The 2nd and 3rd Setting will be adjustable on the tool to allow for the part to float when loaded, and a button will allow for the operator to go to the 3rd setting when they are in position and want to place a part.
  • The tool is pneumatically operated and will automatically switch from the 1st setting to the 2nd setting and vice versa when the grip/release button is hit.

BOBB Optional Features

  • Custom mast heights available.
  • Wire rope extensions to accommodate areas where more than 10 feet of cable is needed.
  • Custom End Tooling Available – see example here Ergonomic Lift Assist
  • Custom paint available.

Ergonomic Partners is a manufacturer of lifting equipment and concrete block wall assembly products nationwide, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma. Contact us today.

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