Robot and Automation Videos

Material Handling Robot for Press Tending

Our team of engineers designed and built the robot grip tool and programed the robot for this press tending application. The end effector tool grips the parts and allows the robot to easily move, rotate, flip, tilt, and place parts between three different dies and press operations. The process of loading/unloading parts from the press, operating the machines, and maintaining uniformity with every part was taxing and unsafe for operators and workers. By using a robot for this material handling operation worker safety, part consistency, production, and yield was increased with part cycle times and defects reduced.


Robotic Welder for Pontoon Logs

This robotic welder arm and robotic hand welds pontoon boat log floats. The robot welder moves on a track and the pontoon log is simultaneously rotated allowing this two part process to reduce the total welding the cycle time.

Robotic Cell for Full Fiberglass Boat Trimming

Robotic arm on a track trimming fiberglass boat.

Inspection Robot for Thread Checking

Ideal for aiding inspectors, reducing costs, increasing safety, and improving quality this 6-Axis inspection robot checks the threads in metal castings.


Deburring Robot with Tool Changer

Designed to replace manual deburring this automated cell features high-speed deburring and cutting spindles on an end-of-arm Yaskawa robot. In addition, to the 6-axis robot, there is a rotary positioning table to give full 7-axis capabilities for deburring the most complex of parts, castings, and molds.

Robot Machine Tending for CNC Loading and Unloading

This 6-Axis robot used for a CNC manufacturing process was programed by our team of enginners. The robots end effector tool also designed and built by our team; grips the parts and allows the robot to easily manipulate and cycle the parts in and out of the CNC machine.

Robotic Welder for Aluminum Boats

This robotic welder arm and robotic hand welds multiple boat frames in custom fixtures. The process enables one boat frame and fixture to be loaded while the other boat frame is being welded; reducing the cycle time.


Robotic Fiberglass Console Trimming

Robotic arm on a track trimming fiberglass consoles.

Kuka Robot Routing Fiberglass Boat Panel

Kuka Robot Routing customers fiberglass boat panels with 2 inch per second cut time.

Automated Crane with Vacuum Lifter for Siding

With a maximum lifting capacity of 315 pounds this vacuum lifter automatically grips, lifts and precisely positions siding using optical sensors, limit switches, VFD's and PLC's. The three unique vacuum cups grip an entire layer of different dimension and shape siding. The vertical movement uses linear actuators with linear guides and rails to handle offset loads. The systems patented track crane uses, inverter duty motorized end trucks with encoder feedback controlled by variable frequency drives. The system has teachable controller with a PLC and can be programmed using the push button station.


Robot Weld Cell Tacking the Part

This robotic welder and custom fixture were designed to automatically weld aluminum boat frames. The unit is first tacked together before the robot welder performs the full welding process.

Dual Robot Weld Cell

Two robots simultaneously welding in a small work area.

Automated Welding System with Rotary Positioner for Cylindrical Hubs

This weld cell uses a programable 6-axis robot, MIG welder, and has a custom programmable rotary positioner.


Mobile Robotic Welding for Heat Exchangers

This portable weld cell for heat exchangers uses a programable 6-axis robot, MIG welder, and has adjustable self-leveling pneumatic feet.

Automated Pick and Place System for Automotive Parts

Our team of engineers designed, built, and programed this automated pick and place application for automotive parts. The automated tool grips and picks up the parts, opens and closes a spray booth door, and places them into the spray booth for treatment. A second tool automatically treats the metal parts with a proprietary solution.

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