Robot and Automation Videos

Robotic Welder for Pontoon Logs

This robotic welder arm and robotic hand welds pontoon boat log floats. The robot welder moves on a track and the pontoon log is simultaneously rotated allowing this two part process to reduce the total welding the cycle time.


Robotic Cell for Full Fiberglass Boat Trimming

Robotic arm on a track trimming fiberglass boat.

Robotic Welder for Aluminum Boats

This robotic welder arm and robotic hand welds multiple boat frames in custom fixtures. The process enables one boat frame and fixture to be loaded while the other boat frame is being welded; reducing the cycle time.

Robotic Fiberglass Console Trimming

Robotic arm on a track trimming fiberglass consoles.


Kuka Robot Routing Fiberglass Boat Panel

Kuka Robot Routing customers fiberglass boat panels with 2 inch per second cut time.

Robot Weld Cell Tacking the Part

This robotic welder and custom fixture were designed to automatically weld aluminum boat frames. The unit is first tacked together before the robot welder performs the full welding process.

Dual Robot Weld Cell

Two robots simultaneously welding in a small work area.


Automated Crane with Vacuum Lifter for Siding

With a maximum lifting capacity of 315 pounds this vacuum lifter automatically grips, lifts and precisely positions siding using optical sensors, limit switches, VFD’s and PLC’s. The three unique vacuum cups grip an entire layer of different dimension and shape siding. The vertical movement uses linear actuators with linear guides and rails to handle offset loads. The systems patented track crane uses, inverter duty motorized end trucks with encoder feedback controlled by variable frequency drives. The system has teachable controller with a PLC and can be programmed using the push button station.

Pneumatic and Mechanical Gripper Tool Videos
Pneumatic and Mechanical
Gripper Tool Videos

We feature a number of videos demonstrating the power and utility of our pneumatic and mechanical grippers. Watch and see how these products could benefit you!

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