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Portable Robot Welding Systems

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Portable Cobot Welding Packages

In the manufacturing and construction industries, welding plays a crucial role in joining metal parts together. But traditional welding methods can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and limited in their capabilities. And when you add to that the ongoing shortage of skilled welders, you can understand why the welding industry has been experiencing significant delays in work and disruptions in the supply chain. One solution that has gained popularity among professionals to combat the skilled labor shortage and keep up with welding demands is the use of collaborative robot welding.

A cobot, or collaborative robot, is an industrial robot that operates alongside human workers to improve production and workplace safety. They can be programmed to perform tedious, repetitive tasks while the skilled worker performs more specialized tasks. So in the welding industry, a collaborative welding robot can be programmed to weld some of the seams and joints, while the experienced welder focuses on the more complex welds.

Ergonomic Partners offers industrial-hardened, portable welding cobot packages featuring Yaskawa/Motoman cobots and Fronius welders. These portable weld systems are designed to be taken anywhere in your facility, allowing welding operations to be performed quickly and effortlessly. So whether you need to weld in tight spaces or move the welding operation to different locations, our portable cobot welding solutions can revolutionize your workflow.

Long Reach Portable Weld Cobot

Long Reach Portable Weld Cobot

Our portable weld cobots come in two packages, the HC10 and HC20. The HC20 is the longest-reach cobot on the market with 2,300 mm (90.55 inches) of reach, 20 kg (44 pound) payload capacity, and +/- 0.05 mm repeatability. This makes it ideal for setting up multiple parts or larger assemblies.

The more affordable HC10 has 1,200 mm (47.24 inches) of reach, 10 kg (22 pound) payload capacity, and +/- 0.05 mm repeatability. This package is designed and optimized for smaller parts and assemblies.

Features Include:
  • Forklift pockets.
  • Foldable weld curtains.
  • Easy to roll casters.
  • Easy to program with fast teaching times, even for those with no former knowledge of robot programming.
  • Easy for welders to set up the welding parameters without requiring a human welder for daily welding operations.

Fronius Cobot Standard Weld Package

  • TPS 400i Gas Cooled Push System
  • 0.045 Filler Materials
  • Wire feeder mounted on the frame of the unit

Optional Fronius Weld Packages

  • Pulse Multi Control (PMC) allows you to achieve better results during pulse welding. It imparts less heat and reduces spattering.
  • Low Spatter Control (LSC) is a process designed with a modified dip transfer arc with high stability. The welder can achieve high quality weld seams while minimizing spattering and increasing deposition rate.
  • Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) uses extremely low heat input for joining materials like steel and aluminum. It is capable of brazing galvanized metal sheets with minimal distortion.
  • Push/Pull Systems for aluminum welding.
  • Liquid Cooled Welding System in lieu of gas-cooled welding systems for high-production applications.
  • Manual Welding Torch allows quick changing of the robotic to manual welding operation with the flick of a switch.

Cobot Welding Options

Depending on your welding operation needs, we have several standard options to help you optimize your welding production. We also have 15 engineers on staff, allowing us to easily design customized fixturing according to your welding requirements to help take the guesswork out of your small batch production of welded components.

  • Customized Risers - Allows for more reach when working at a higher elevation.
  • Docking Stations - Can be installed at different locations within your facility, allowing the portable robot to be moved and locked in place at different welding cells for consistent welding processes.
  • Different Size Modular Welding Tables - Tables can be manufactured to easily fix parts in place for quick and easy welding.

Portable Long Reach Welding Cobot

Touch Sense Demo with Yaskawa Robot

Robot Welding Documents and Information

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Ergonomic Partners is a robot system integrator that provides portable cobot welding packages and robotic welding solutions nationwide. We have representatives that specifically serve Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Nebraska, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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