Lift Tables and Stacker Videos

Custom Tilt Table for Cutting on Band Saw

Ergonomic Partners built this custom tilting table for cutting aircraft honeycomb material on a band saw. The table must pivot and tilt without moving the tables cutting side edge. The table tilts from 0 to 50 degrees in 1-degree increments. Key features of the table are water jet tilt indicators, steel and aluminum powder coated frame, air over oil lifting cylinders, momentary tilt up and down controls with brake.


Portable Lift Table for Sheet Metal

Ergonomic Partners built this custom portable lift table for lifting and pitching large metal sheets. The table features: brush transfer panel tops, swivel lock/braking casters, multi-directional conveyor rollers, and pneumatic powered lift with pitch.

Custom Pallet Flow Conveyor for Windshields

This two part lifting solution combines a conveyor and vacuum lifting device. The conveyor was designed to keep the operator fully stocked with parts and deliver a full pallet to the front of the line; while returning an empty pallet out of the way. The lifting tool assists the operator by lifting up the part and rotating it to the orientation needed to install on the skid steer.

Portable Rotating Turntable with Cylinder Tank Gripper

Ergonomic Partners built this custom portable rotating turntable for gripping cylinder tanks. The table features: foot floor lock, swivel casters with brakes, 360 degree rotating table top with 360 degree detent, pneumatic turntable lock, and pneumatic powered cylinder tank grippers.


Portable Adjustable Height Table with Dyna Lift Kit

We manufactured this table to display the differences between the internal and external Dyna-Lift kits. Buy these systems online.

Dyna Lift Height Adjustable Kit for Work Tables

Overview and features of the Dyna-Lift kits that convert tables, work benches or work tables into adjustable hight tables.

Portable Electric Lift Table for 2,000 Pound Rolls

Need to lift, huge 1-Ton Rolls? This portable electric roll handler is the ideal solution.


Pallet Jack Accessible Lift Table

The EZ-Off Lifter is the ideal choice for work places that need a pallet truck accessible lift table for loading and unloading pallets or skids.

Electric Table Lift System

This large custom wood desk has an Electric Dyna-Lift Kit installed that raises the top and sides of the desk.

EZ Loader Auto-Leveling Pallet Positioner

The goto solution for loading and unloading pallets. As the load weight changes, the lift table automatically adjusts, keeping the top of the load at a convenient working height.


Palletpal 360 Spring Level Loader

The Palletpal 360 helps keep workers safe and in an ergonomic position while unloading or loading pallets. The Palletpal enhances worker productivity and reduces repetitive bending, lifting, twisting, and stretching.

LoProfile LX Series Lift Table

LoProfile LX Series lift tables are electro-hydraulic powered and provide heavy-duty lifting power with low profile functionality.

Ergonomic Tilting and Rotating Fixture Table

Ergonomic fixture table that rotates and tilts.


Vacuum Gripper Tool Videos
Vacuum Gripper Tools and Vacuum Lifter Videos

Vacuum gripper and vacuum lifting device videos for: sheet metal, boxes, bags, silicon ingots, windows, batteries, plywood, and quartz crucibles.

Portable Lifting Device Videos
Portable Lifting Device Videos

Portable mechanical lifting device videos for: electric roll lifters, turners, roll handlers, portable stackers, lift tables, and powered hand trucks.

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