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Portable Ergonomic Lifters

Ideal for transporting items in small areas.

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Portable Ergonomic Lifting Devices for Roll and Drum Handling

Mobile Roll Lifters and Portable Lifting Devices are ideal for pharmaceutical drum lifting, roll handling, and many other ergonomic lifting applications. At Ergonomic Partners, we offer several different types of stock and custom portable lifts to best suit your workplace needs.

Portable Compact Ergonomic Lifter

Ergonomic Partners can provide several custom portable lift solutions for warehouse applications of all kinds. Ergonomic portable lifting devices take the load off the operator, allowing them to focus on their job. Watch our demonstration videos and contact us today to learn about how our portable lifts can benefit your workplace.

Portable Lifting Device Features
Solid Aluminum Construction Light Weight-Mobile for Easy Operation
Large Caster Wheels and Swivel or Directional Steering Casters Easy Movement in all Directions with Full Load
De-mountable Remote Control 3-Position Foot-Operated Brake System
Precise, Infinitely Variable Lift Speed Between 0 - 6 inches/sec Precise Stop of Lift Function with Variable Speed Feature
Enclosed Electric Lift Mechanism with Brake for Smooth Precise Lift Single Lift Mast Provides Clear View for safe Operation
Built in Overload Protection Enclosed Lift Screw-No Pinch Points
Current Limit Travel Stop Adaptable to Multi-Shift Operation with Quick Exchange Kits
Exchangeable Power Pack Lifter Operation Permitted from all sides with Remote pendant
Modular Design with Adjustable Height Handle Bar for Comfort Simple Exchange of End-Effector for Economic and Efficient Use of Lifter
Built-In Solid-State Universal Charger with Automatic Charge Cut-Off Time Quick Disconnect End-Effector

Portable Ergonomic Lifter Documents

Ergonomic Partners sells, services and is a distributor for Portable Ergonomic Lifting Devices and Mobile Lifts; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico, and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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