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We are a master distributor for Demag!


Demag Cranes, Components, and Parts - KBK Rail Systems

Ergonomic Partners is a master distributor for Demag cranes and components in addition to their KBK Modular Rail Systems. Demag is leader in crane engineering and has vast and industry experience. They specialize in single and double-girder overhead traveling cranes. In addition to single and double girder cranes, they can also offer welded box girders to allow for longer span and higher capacity.

EKKE Single Girder Demag Crane with Box Sections

EKKE Single Girder Demag Crane with Box Sections

The EKKE single-girder overhead traveling cranes feature maximum rigidity and minimum deadweight. This maximizes crane runway loading and enables a more cost-effective building design and overall system solution. Benefits:

  • Connections between the girder and end trucks are manufactured to precise tolerances for minimum wear.
  • Minimum wear due to low maintenance drives.
  • Travel wheels are manufactured of wear resistant CGG 70 spheroidal graphite cast iron.
  • Low deadweight due to optimized box sections.
  • Optional CAN Bus control for ultimate in feedback and monitoring.

EDKE Single Girder Suspension Crane to 10 Ton

EDKE Single Girder Suspension Demag Crane

The EDKE suspension cranes maximize customer floorspace and mobility. These Demag cranes are typically attached to the existing structure eliminating the need of columns. Benefits:

  • Rigid Wide Flange Beams allow for optimum load distribution.
  • Flexibility during install when mounting to existing structure.
  • End Trucks can be optimized for the exact service.
  • Maximize end approach allowing loads to get closer to the walls.

ZKKE Double Girder Overhead Crane

ZKKE Double Girder Overhead Demag Crane

The double-girder overhead traveling cranes offer exceptional load capacity while maximizing span. This design allows the hook to travel between the girders to maximize lifting heights. Benefits: Manufactured to precise machine tolerances, Torsionally rigid welded box construction, Self-Lubricating spheroidal graphite cast iron wheels, Optional radio control with display and proportional push buttons.

KBK Rail – Modular Crane Systems

Demag KBK Modular Enclosed Rail Crane Systems

Demag offers single and double girder ceiling suspended and freestanding workstation cranes. Benefits: Modular crane layouts, Smooth handling even at the ends of the system, Rated for loads up to 3.5 Tons.

KBK Monorail Systems and Equipment Carriers

Demag KBK Curved Monorail System

These monorail systems are designed specifically for a customer's application. The ability to add curved sections, track switches, and turntables to allow the customer to route their overhead loads in any direction at any time. Benefits: Routes can be precisely laid out to meet customers' needs, Load Capability up to 7,000 pounds, Ability to transfer loads to adjacent cranes, Direct link between pick up and deposit points.

Demag Parts and Components

Demag Crane Parts and Components

As a worldwide leader in overhead cranes, there is a large offering of Demag parts. As a Demag master distributor, below is a list of items Ergonomic Partners can help you with.

  • DRC-DC and DRC MP radio control systems
  • DSE and DSK Control Pendants
  • DST Control Pendants
  • DCL-Pro, DKK, and DEL Conductor Bar
  • KTL and DWF End Trucks/End Carriages

Demag Crane and Component Documents

Ergonomic Partners is a distributor for Demag Cranes, Components, Parts and KBK Rail systems; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico, and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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