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Adjustable Lift Tables and Industrial Equipment

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Lift Tables and Industrial Machinery

Lift Tables and Scissor Lifts

Our product offerings include: scissor lift tables, container tilters, pallet level loaders, pallet trucks, self leveling lift table, pneumatic lift tables, mobile work carts, turntables and other palletizing equipment. We also handle custom coil and roll handling equipment, roll on level loaders, dock lifts, vertical conveyors, portable ergonomic scissor lifts and manual lifter transporters.

Portable Scissor Lifts

Mobile lift tables, service lifts, and platform tables allow workers to easily move and position loads at a convenient working height. By minimizing undesirable lifting, reaching and stretching, these ergonomic lift tables increase productivity and decrease workplace injuries. Mobile work lifts are used in a wide variety of applications. From stocking shelves in retail stores to lifting and moving materials in libraries, pharmacies, machine shops and industrial manufacturing operations.

Height Adjustable Workbench Kits

Ergonomic, height-adjustable workbenches and adjustable height work tables are quickly becoming the standard in industry. If you have an existing table that needs to be converted to a height adjustable table the Dyna-Lift is your answer. Ergonomic Partners provides Dyna-Lift lifting systems. Adjustable workbenches are available with capabilities ranging anywhere from a few hundred pounds to 1,500 pounds. If you have an existing table that needs to be converted to a height adjustable table the Dyna-Lift is your answer.

Pallet Pal Load Leveler

The PalletPal makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier. This simple, automatic unit uses a system of springs and shock absorbers to lower and raise loads as boxes are added or removed from pallets. A turntable allows nearside loading and unloading. No power or air supply is required. Pallet loads up to 4,500 pounds can be handled.

Workbenches and Adjustable Tables

Ergonomic Partners offers several different designs and styles of height adjustable work benches, industrial workbenches, and mobile work tables. Industrial Workbenches - capacities 5,000 up to 12,000 pounds; available in 2-4 weeks. Light Duty Work Tables - 1,000 pound capacity, several sizes, industrial grade, with solid core tops. Height Adjustable Workbenches - ergonomic comfort and productivity. Modular Workbenches - adjustable aluminum frames, industrial grade, tons of sizes.

Inverters, Upenders, Pallet Rotators

Ergonomic Partners can help your company with a solution to invert or upend your product. We have standard configurations as well as custom solutions to safely handle your product. Whether you have to turn your product 90 or 180 degrees, or inspect it in several axis we can provide a solution.

Industrial Conveyor Systems by LEWCO

Ergonomic Partners offers a wide variety of LEWCO industrial conveyor systems that are available in various sizes and options so that they can be built to order for each specific customer. No matter which kind of conveyor you require, each is designed to keep things moving and decrease downtime.

Industrial Racks

Rack Engineering's various industrial rack options, can easily store anything in your warehouse from sheet metal, industrial bars, pipes, cargo, heavy tooling, product parts and more.

Cable Reels

Cable reels are optimal for delivering power to industrial equipment such as overhead cranes, hoists, monorails and more. Once the cable reel is attached to a fixed location, the end of the cable hooks up to the moving equipment. Ergonomic Partners is a distributor of these reels, which come in hundreds of different configurations.

Powered Pallet Lifters

Ergonomic Partners offers a wide variety of pallet jacks. Anything from battery powered pallet jack, standard pallet jack or stacker is available online. Your operators will appreciate the ease at which they can maneuver pallets through the warehouse with the pallet jack that is right for them.

Powered Hand-Trucks

The Lift'n Buddy is the ideal ergonomic solution for lifting and moving boxes, 5-gallon buckets, kegs, cases, wire spools, and more. The dolly has a battery powered lifting platform that has a vertical travel of 36 inches.

Fall Arrest Systems

Ergonomic Partners designs and installs OSHA fall restraints, fall arrest systems, body harnesses, and retractable lanyards. Fall arrest systems are designed for people who consistently work at heights. These systems are a safe, reliable way to protect workers who are at a risk of injury due to a fall.

Ergonomic Partners provides and services custom work tables, adjustable work tables, and industrial machinery; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico, and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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