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Aluminum Gantry Cranes

Available in 1/2, 1, 2, 3 or 5-ton capacities.


Aluminum Gantry Cranes by Gorbel and eme

Made from lightweight aluminum, the components of the gantry crane are easily setup and assembled by two people. This allows the crane to be shipped easily to a job site, and even carried up a ladder or staircase to a rooftop work area. The adjustable height ensures a single ergonomic lifting solution for low headroom areas, and wider lift range in other areas. Simple set up and break down allows the aluminum gantry cranes to be collapsed and stored when not in use.

Gorbel Portable Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes

  • Available Capacities: from 250 pounds to 2 Tons, Standard Spans: Up to 20 feet, Height Under Boom (HUB): from 6 to 12 feet.
  • Collapsible for easy storage: Simple set up and break down allows the aluminum gantry crane to be collapsed and stored when not in use.
  • CSA Approved and CE Approved. (All Gorbel cranes are CE certified and have a capacity placard installed before shipping that display the CE logo.)
Standard Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Cranes (1,000 lbs.)
Model No. Capacity Adj. Ht. Span
ALUG-1000-6/9-8 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-8 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-8 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-10 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-10 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-10 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-12 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-12 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-12 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-15 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-15 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-15 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-18 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-18 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-18 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-20 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-20 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-20 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 20 ft.
Standard Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Cranes (2,000 lbs.)
Model No. Capacity Adj. Ht. Span
ALUG-2000-6/9-8 1-ton 6-9 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-8 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-8 1-ton 9–12 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-10 1-ton 6-9 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-10 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-10 1-ton 9–12 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-12 1-ton 6-9 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-12 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-12 1-ton 9–12 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-15 1-ton 6-9 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-15 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-15 1-ton 9–12 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-18 1-ton 6-9 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-18 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-18 1-ton 9–12 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-20 1-ton 6-9 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-20 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-20 1-ton 9–12 ft. 20 ft.
Standard Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Cranes (4,000 lbs.)
Model No. Capacity Adj. Ht. Span
ALUG-4000-6/9-8 2-ton 6-9 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-8 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-8 2-ton 9–12 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-10 2-ton 6-9 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-10 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-10 2-ton 9–12 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-12 2-ton 6-9 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-12 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-12 2-ton 9–12 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-15 2-ton 6-9 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-15 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-15 2-ton 9–12 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-18 2-ton 6-9 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-18 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-18 2-ton 9–12 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-20 2-ton 6-9 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-20 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-20 2-ton 9–12 ft. 20 ft.

3-Ton and 5-Ton Portable Aluminum Gantry Cranes

Ideal for almost any industrial setting or heavy duty operation where strength, safety, and movability are required. Compared to a heavy steel gantry crane, which is awkward and difficult to move; an eme mobile gantry crane is light, easy to assemble, and portable. Due to the lightness and portability, these cranes can be used for many jobs in several different locations. All eme 3 ton gantry cranes and 5 ton gantry cranes can be taken down and reassembled with just two people in less than 15 minutes, which allow for quick movement of the crane within a single building, or transporting via a pickup truck to other locations. All eme gantry cranes for sale are manufactured, engineered and designed to be moved safely while under FULL-RATED LOAD!

  • ALL-aluminum-alloy construction (Legs, Beam, Beam Trolley), Bolted construction with Crosby shackles, master links (gr. L9 plated (chromate) fasteners, end plates bolted for a solid leg structure; legs tied to beam with 18-in. cheek plates, 8 bolts. no pins) allows gantry crane to be rolled when under full load!
  • Includes locking 'surround-beam' top riding trolley (can't damage beam; can't derail; low rolling resistance).
  • Locking casters (independently for swivel/roll), sized to gantry lift capacity (crane can be steered and rolled under load). Colson, Albion and affiliated company casters.
  • Adjustable clear span, in 8-inch Increments, Spans from 6 to 30 feet, Custom heights available.
  • 3x6 inch or 3x12 inch engineered extruded hollow aluminum box beam– proprietary design, stronger and lighter than 'I' beams. Include aluminum billet carry handles make it easy and safe to carry beams.
  • Quick and easy two-wrench, two-person assembly from the ground up –no rigging equipment required. Operator-friendly handles with simple two-bolt height adjustment.
  • Made in Canada with North American parts; built for North American conditions. 10-year standard warranty against manufacturer's defects. Supplied with engineer's stamped and certified drawing – specific to model series or custom model.
  • Proof load tested to 125 to 150% of lift capacity with a certificate of test: leg, strut extrusions sized to fit gantry crane capacity, lift height, beam length shows lift capacity, proof load, date of certificate, serial number –all performed before shipment to the end user.
Standard eme Gantry Cranes
Model No. Capacity Adj. Ht. Std. Span
1100R 1,100 lbs. 66-90 in. 8 ft.
2200R 2,200 lbs. 66-90 in. 8 ft.
2200LW 2,200 lbs. 82-122 in. 10 ft.
4400M 4,400 lbs. 66-90 in. 10 ft.
4400R 4,400 lbs. 82-122 in. 10 ft.
4400T 4,400 lbs. 98-138 in. 15 ft.
6600R 6,600 lbs. 106-154 in. 15 ft.
11000R 11,000 lbs. 106-154 in. 15 ft.
16500R 16,500 lbs. 97-139 in. 15 ft.
20000R 20,000 lbs. 97-139 in. 15 ft.

How to Assemble an eme Aluminum Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane Documents

Ergonomic Partners services and is a distributor of portable aluminum gantry cranes for sale; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico, and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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