Portable Lifting Device Videos

Portable Pneumatic Floating Arm for Brazing Gun

This custom portable floating tool balancer arm supports a 25-pound induction brazing gun. The tool arm features: triple articulating arms, pneumatic actuator with 80 inches of vertical travel, foot operated floor locking swivel casters, and our custom tool gimbal allowing operators to tilt, rotate, swivel, spin, and flip or pitch the tool.


Portable Zero Gravity Tool Balancer for 20lb Reamer

This custom zero gravity portable tool balancer arm supports a 20-pound reamer tool. The tool balance arm features: triple articulating arms, foot operated floor locks, swivel casters, tool leveling jack adjustments with bubble level gauge, pneumatic arm locks, and pneumatic powered balance cylinder.

Portable Zero Gravity Tool Arm for Grinder

Our in-house team of engineers' custom designed and built this unique tool arm for grinding tall parts. Features include: A one-of-a-kind sleeve bearing for 3-axis / 360° rotation, articulating arm with 50 inches of vertical travel, and portable base with locking casters.

Portable Rotating Turntable with Cylinder Tank Gripper

Ergonomic Partners built this custom portable rotating turntable for gripping cylinder tanks. The table features: foot floor lock, swivel casters with brakes, 360 degree rotating table top with 360 degree detent, pneumatic turntable lock, and pneumatic powered cylinder tank grippers.


Hand Truck with Powered Lift

The Lift'n Buddy features a powered adjustable height platform that positions loads at a comfortable height. This prevents the operator from bending and stretching when loading, unloading or moving items from one level to another.

Powered Keg Lifting Hand Truck

The Keg Lifter can lift a wide range of keg sizes and can turn on a dime due to its unique 4-wheel and caster design. Ideal for Liquor Stores, Restaurants, Clubs, Micro-Breweries, Catering Services, Stadiums and many more.

Portable Lift Table for Large Paper Rolls

This fully powered lift table was custom designed and built for extremely large and heavy paper rolls.


Mobile Roll Lifter with Powered Roll Push off Device

This portable ergonomic roll lift is designed with a roll pusher to allow the operator to set product on a spindle when the elevations are over their head.

Lightweight Aluminum Roll Lifter with OD Grip and Rotate

This portable lifting device is constructed from lightweight aluminum and grips and rotates rolls weighing up to 400 pounds.

Powered Portable Roll Lifter with Hydraulic Grip and Rotate

Powered Portable Roll Lifter with Hydraulic Grip and Rotate for large OD rolls.


Portable Compact Ergonomic Lifter

This portable compact ergonomic lifter can have the mast carriage customized with a variety of end effectors for handling different lifting applications. Available in 220 lb., 450 lb., and 600 lb. load capacities.

Portable Roll Lifting Cradle for Loading Machines

This fully powered portable roll lifter is ideal for loading or unloading large rolls from a machine or pallets. The unit features a hydraulic side shift and mast tilt that allows loading of heavy rolls quick and easy.

Portable Electric Lift Table for 2,000 Pound Rolls

Need to lift, huge 1-Ton Rolls? This portable electric roll handler is the ideal solution.


Portable Roll Handler with Side Shift and Powered Lift/Roll Pusher

This portable roll handling lifting device has a built in "side-shift" feature that allows the rolls to be positioned from side to side. Additionally, this portable lifting device has electrical powered lift and roll pusher.

Portable Handling Device for Metal Shafts

This custom machine lifts, grips and pivots multiple diameter metal rods or shafts on a portable battery powered system. The portable device has a pivot feature allowing 45 degrees of horizontal movement. The operator controls have high or low speed vertical travel and a common safety release button.

Portable Zero Gravity Arm for Grinder

Our team designed and built this zero gravity tool arm. The articulating arm features: 5-feet of vertical travel, 7-feet of horizontal travel, 3-axis / 360° rotation for the grinder tool, and portable base with locking casters.


Portable OD Roll Lifter with 90-Degree Pitch

This custom mobile lifter has an all aluminum structure and an electric battery powered OD gripper that lifts and pitches rolls.

Portable OD Roll Grip and Rotate

This custom portable lifting device grabs, lifts and rotates rolls. The legs of the device are wide to straddle pallets and skids for roll pick and place applications.

Portable Electric Roll Handler with OD Clamp Gripper

Need to lift, rotate and move rolls by the outside diameter? This electric portable roll handler is the ideal solution.


Portable Manual Roll Handler MRH-300-PT

Safely lift, turn and transport rolls by the core, this lifting device has a simple mechanical lifting, turning, and pivoting functions. Ideal for pick and place lifting applications.

Portable Heavy Duty Roll Lift and Rotate

Powered portable roll lifter that can lift and rotate rolls weighing up to 1,500 pounds.

Portable Roll Handling Lifter

Ergonomic Partners supplies portable lifting devices for rolls, glass, drum and tote handling. These devices can transfer rolls over long distances and can pitch or rotate the rolls.


Bishamon UniLift Electric Stacker

The Bishamon UniLift electric stacker is a one of a kind dual-purpose product that can transport and load position standard GMA closed bottom pallets or skids.

Electric Roll Lifter and Turner

This custom mobile lifter has an all aluminum structure and has an electric battery powered ID gripper that lifts and turns rolls.

Portable Grip and Pour Lifter for 5-Gallon Buckets

The battery powered portable lifter, lifts and pitches 5-gallon buckets. The pitching movement allows the lifting device to pour out the buckets' contents.


Vacuum Gripper Tool Videos
Vacuum Gripper Tools and Vacuum Lifter Videos

Vacuum gripper and vacuum lifting device videos for: sheet metal, boxes, bags, silicon ingots, windows, batteries, plywood, and quartz crucibles.

Pneumatic and Mechanical Gripper Tool Videos
Pneumatic and Mechanical
Gripper Tool Videos

We feature a number of videos demonstrating the power and utility of our pneumatic and mechanical grippers. Watch and see how these products could benefit you!

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