Upenders, Inverters, and Inspection Station Videos

Titanium Sheet Pitch, Flip and Transfer Table

We engineered, designed and manufactured this table for pitching, flipping and transferring large titanium sheets. The sheets are flipped by pitching the metal vertical and transferring it to the other conveyor.


Missile Assembly Work Positioner

Ergonomic Partners custom designed this workstation positioner for the assembly of missiles. The station grips the parts, and the operator can raise, lower and rotate the missiles. The positioner features: delrin dynamic grip jaws with powered vertical travel cylinder, delrin cradle, rotation brake, momentary up/down control lever, grip/release controls with common button, and foot pedal or on/off toggle lever brake controls.

Grip & Pitch Inspection Station

We engineered, designed and manufactured an air over oil pneumatic station for griping, pitching and inspecting metal automotive parts. The parts are set in place by a robotic arm and the station has an optical sensor that allows the robot to know if the grip jaws are in the correct position.

Inspection Station for Automotive Parts

Ergonomic Partners custom designed this inspection station for automotive parts. The station grips the parts and the operator can lower the built-in conveyor and then proceed with a 360-degree inspection. Once the operator is finished they can raise the conveyor rollers to roll the part to the next station.


Manual Work Positioner

This work positioning tool provides the operator with the ability to move items in any position, with 360 degree rotation, adjustable height and tilt.

Motorized Work Positioner

This motorized compact work positioner has bi-directional turntable rotation, variable speed, tilt and work height adjustment.

Automotive Inspection Station for Engine Blocks

This work table features a pneumatic gripper integrated with a roller conveyor. The grip jaws have 360-degree rotation allowing the operator to easily inspect automotive engine blocks.


Pump Inspection Inverter

This custom inverter features variable speed motors and a 2-ton capacity. The inspection station inverter can position the pumps in three axis of rotation.

800 lb Part Downenders

Custom hydraulic downender with adjustable conveyor for 800 pound parts.

Tank Leak Test Station

Semi-automated test inspection station for small tanks.


Vacuum Gripper Tool Videos
Vacuum Gripper Tools and Vacuum Lifter Videos

Vacuum gripper and vacuum lifting device videos for: sheet metal, boxes, bags, silicon ingots, windows, batteries, plywood, and quartz crucibles.

Portable Lifting Device Videos
Portable Lifting Device Videos

Portable mechanical lifting device videos for: electric roll lifters, turners, roll handlers, portable stackers, lift tables, and powered hand trucks.

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