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Harrington Electric Chain Hoists

Capacities from 1/4-ton to 5-Tons!


Harrington NER, SNER, and SEQ, Electric Chain Hoists from 1/4 Ton to 5 Ton

Ergonomic Partners is a master distributor for Harrington Hoists, inc. Harrington is a leader in manufacturing a variety of industrial hoists, cranes and trolleys. For years they have revolutionized the engineering behind electric, manual, air, and wire rope hoists. They continue to reinvent how industries operate their business with their high-quality products. In addition to the engineering innovation that Harrington offers, they also provide certified repair centers throughout the country to bid service needs.

Harrington NER Electric Hoist Specifications

  • NER capacities 1/8 Ton through 5 Ton
  • H4 rated motor for the most demanding applications
  • Smart Brake Technology revolutionary DC current motor brake with electrical failsafe design
  • Optional dual speed via under-the-cover variable frequency drive
  • All standard models are UL listed to UL 1340
  • Completely sealed body suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor environments- IP55 rated
  • Plug in pendant and power supply cords save time on set up and maintenance
  • Super strength, nickel-plated load chain is corrosion and wear resistant
  • 5 or 6 pocket load sheave improves chain life and promotes smooth lifting
  • Grade 80, super strength nickel-plated load chain is certified to DIN standards, greatly reduces resistance due to fatigue and wear.

Specifications For the Harrington SNER Electric Hoist

  • SNER, SNERM, SNERP, SNERG capacities 1/4 Ton through 3 Ton
  • 60 minute, H4 rated, fan cooled motor for the most demanding applications
  • Pull-rotor electric brake is self-adjusting and virtually maintenance-free
  • Ability to accommodate very long lifts. Compact, low headroom design
  • Completely sealed body suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor environments - IP55 rated

Harrington SEQ Hoist - Single Phase, Two-Speed

The SEQ Series hoist is revolutionary because it is one of the first single-phase dual speed (VFD Control) electric chain hoists of its kind. Available to be used in both medium and heavy-duty applications, the SEQ's are designed for smooth operation and easy installation for an enhanced user experience. This is all possible due to the inclusion of a no-load high-speed function. When the load being handled falls below 30% of the working load limit, the SEQ automatically increases speed up to 130%. Furthermore, it's lightweight and compact body is ideal for any work environment. The SEQM Series includes all the same benefits as the preceding SEQ Series but is further enhanced by adding a motorized trolley. This increases mobility for applications and allows for long-distance travel when needed. Harrington's SEQ series can be further upgraded by implementing a PT push or GT geared trolley. These trolley additions allow for an easier, economical load transportation method. This combination works well for short or infrequent movements.

Functions and Benefits of the SEQ Single Phase VFD

The dual speed inverter increases productivity. It can be programmed to operate a specific application for smoother movements and a reduced load swing. This also allows for smoother starts and improved positioning accuracy resulting in better control. Another standard feature is a no-load high-speed function. This grants the SEQs the opportunity to move at speeds 1.3 times faster while being operated without a load. This function is activated automatically when the no-load status is detected by the inverter and can also be easily turned on or off with the push button control. The ratio for standard lifting speed is 6:1. The SEQ inverter is also protected against measures such as impact and heat.

  • Capacity Range: 1/8 Ton to 1-Ton
  • Standard Voltage: Single-Phase 115-1-60 or 220-230)-1-50/60 (re-connectable)
  • Dual Speed VFD controlled Two-Speed with a 6:1 Speed Ratio
  • Extreme Duty Motor with external thermal motor protection, cooling fins, H4 classification, Class B insulation and increased performance (30/10-minute duty rating).
  • External Motor Fan quickly eliminates brake and motor heat.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows for dual speed control. Includes load limiter, count hour meter, and no-load high-speed function
  • Low maintenance: Due to no transformer, no magnetic contactor, no brake contactor and no brake coil.
  • Compact, completely sealed aluminum body allows for a lightweight design that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Unique Load Sheave: Five pockets are standard, reduces chain vibration and increases chain life.
  • High-Speed Under No-Load: 72 fpm - Hoist speeds are 1.3 times faster when operating with less than 30% of full load capacity.
  • Limit Switches: Low-profile upper and lower limit switches are standard.
  • High Air Flow: Heavy-duty cooler fan with engineered motor fins under the hoist body cover.
  • Friction Clutch: standard on EQ/SEQ models. Provides consistent performance over a wide temperature range.
  • Standard Count Hour Meter: Records and displays the number of lifting/lowering starts and hoist on time which is valuable for preventive maintenance. Integral to VFD.
  • Pull-Rotor Motor Brake: Extremely durable and reliable, this advanced design contains no brake coil to fail like conventional disc brakes. 5-year hoist brake warranty.
  • Maximum Number Starts per Hour: 120/240. Short Time Duty Rating: 30/10 min.
  • Load Chain: High Strength, Corrosion/Wear Resistant Grade 80, super strength, nickel-plated load chain, certified to DIN standards.
  • Enclosure Rating: Hoist Meets IP55, Pendant Meets IP65. Certified: Listed to UL 508, 508A 1004 CSA C22.2 NO. 33, 14-13, 66
  • Durable Push Button Pendant: 4 ft. less than lift is standard. Easy-to-use, one-handed operation. Rated IP65. Standard control voltage is 24V. Strain relief wire is molded to pendant cord for added support and dependability. E-Stop is standard on all pendants.
  • ASME H4 classification is ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. (ISO 1/8-1/2T M6; 1T M5 | FEM 1/8-1/2T 3m; 1T 2m)
  • Made in Japan. 3 Year Hoist manufacturer's warranty does not include on-site repairs. Customer will need to send the hoist, with freight pre-paid to EP's repair facility.
SEQ Single-Phase Dual-Speed VFD Hoist
Model No. Capacity Headroom Lift Speed
SEQ001SD 1/8-ton 17.3 in. 9.3/56 fpm (72 no load)
SEQ003SD 1/4-ton 17.3 in. 5.5/33 fpm (43 no load)
SEQ005SD 1/2-ton 18.0 in. 4.2/25 fpm (32 no load)
SEQ010SD 1-ton 20.7 in. 3.9/17 fpm (22 no load)
SEQP Single-Phase 2-Speed VFD Hoist with Push Trolley
Model No. Capacity Headroom Lift Speed
SEQP001SD 1/8-ton 16.3 in. 9.3/56 fpm (72 no load)
SEQP003SD 1/4-ton 16.3 in. 5.5/33 fpm (43 no load)
SEQP005SD 1/2-ton 16.9 in. 4.2/25 fpm (32 no load)
SEQP010SD 1-ton 19.3 in. 3.9/17 fpm (22 no load)
SEQM Single-Phase 2-Speed VFD Hoist with Motorized Trolley
Model No. Capacity Headroom Lift Speed
SEQM001SD-SD 1/8-ton 17.3 in. 9.3/56 fpm (72 no load)
SEQM003SD-SD 1/4-ton 17.3 in. 5.5/33 fpm (43 no load)
SEQM005SD-SD 1/2-ton 18 in. 4.2/25 fpm (32 no load)
SEQM010SD-SD 1-ton 20.7 in. 3.9/17 fpm (30 no load)
SEQG Single-Phase 2-Speed VFD Hoist with Geard Trolley
Model No. Capacity Headroom Lift Speed
SEQG001SD 1/8-ton 16.7 in. 9.3/56 fpm (72 no load)
SEQG003SD 1/4-ton 16.7 in. 5.5/33 fpm (43 no load)
SEQG005SD 1/2-ton 17.3 in. 4.2/25 fpm (32 no load)
SEQG010SD 1-ton 19.3 in. 3.9/17 fpm (22 no load)

Harrington Electric Chain Hoist Documents

Ergonomic Partners carries all Harrington Chain Hoist models, including the NER, SNER, and SEQ. These Harrington hoists are used for applications as simple as lightweight, low duty lifting to high frequency heavy industrial lifting. Harrington hoists typically have lower headroom and are lighter than the competition. We specialize in the quick shipment of 1/4-Ton, 1/2-Ton, 1-ton, 2-ton hoists, and 3-ton electric hoists. We are a distributor for Harrington electric hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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