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Case Study: Digital Media - Computer Server Lift Assist

Problem: Customer was struggling with 150 pound servers received from the field and send in for testing. It was taking two men to remove the servers from the Pelican container and boxes for repair and testing and then again 2 men to reload the containers. Although the servers were not overly heavy they were very awkward, delicate to damage and expensive. Vacuum tube lifters were considered but due to the expense of the product as well as fragile nature a more precise solution was required.

Requirement: Pick up servers from pallet level and set onto a repair station. After repair the servers are returned to the containers.

Solution: A custom pneumatic grip ergonomic lift assist was integrated into a Gorbel Easy Arm zero gravity PLC controlled lift system. Because the tolerances for the boxes was very tight custom grip jaws were designed for minimum stroke and deflection. Because of the precision needed the Gorbel float mode is very useful for the operator. The computer server lifting equipment was provided with our standard gripper safely circuit, which prevents the part from being released in mid-air and requires the operator to set down the load to release.

The Easy Arm was supplied with an in-line slide handle and integrated air hose. The unique design of the integrated air hose allows continuous 360 degree rotation of the part without the air hoses becoming tangled.

Result: The custom server lifting equipment on the Gorbel Easy Arm allows the operation to do done easily and safely with one operator in lieu of 2 men previously doing this job.

Lift Assist for Computer Servers

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