Custom Lift Assist & End Effectors, Machine Loading, Heavy Assembly

Mechanical Tooling

Mechanical lift assist are ideal when handling similar parts. These manipulators will trap the parts and allow an operator to move a load safely and easily. Our Mechanical lift assist are able to typically handle parts ranging from 25 pounds to 400 pounds. In some situations, the parts weight will provide all the gripping force necessary to lift up a heavy load. Mechanical lift assist can be a very cost-effective way to handle your everyday lifting needs

C-Frame Tooling

C-Frame manipulators are ideal when handling square or cylindrical shaped objects. These lift assist will power clamp the part, and allow for an operator to reach in to a machining center or rack. These manipulators are great when an overhead obstruction prevents the operator from positioning the tool directly over the placement point. Our C-Frame tooling robot end effector types typically handle parts ranging from 25 pounds to 500 pounds. When dealing with heavy loads our gripper safety circuit will prevent the operator from releasing the part in mid-air. This is done intuitively through the air circuitry on the tooling. Please contact Ergonomic Partners to give your company the ergonomic advantage when dealing with reach in applications.

Vacuum Tooling

Vacuum lifters are ideal when handling flat or slightly curved non-porous parts. These industrial robot end effector types can pick up many different shapes from doors, windows, boxes, bags, and round ingots of material. These ergonomic lifters can come with adjustable vacuum cups, allowing the customer to pick up on several different sized parts. During the engineering and design process, the tooling can be set up with many different vacuum and safety circuits. During the approval process, the customer has the ability to request different vacuum and safety features. These features include multiple vacuum circuits, check valves on vacuum cups, and a load presence release circuit. Many of these vacuum manipulators give the customer or the ability to rotate the part in several different orientations.

Expanding Mandrel

Expanding Mandrels are ideal when handling large rolls of material with a solid ID core. We offer dozens of types of core handling equipment from portable or stationary roll handling to hoist based roll lifters and roll turners. All of our standard designs are available in many different configurations for a wide variety of applications. We offer custom engineering services which give us the ability to fit most any application. From a simple change to one of our existing products to engineering and fabrication of completely unique machinery from the ground up we have the tools and experience to meet your application needs. These ID grip manipulators can handle loads ranging up to 1000 pounds and are perfect for the safe movement of heavy spools.

Slide Gripper Tools

Slide grip tools are ideal when parts are close to each other. These lift assist tools allow you to reach behind a part or next to a part with only one side of the tool moving. These grippers come in several different options including manual 180 degree rotation, powered vertical pitching, and many more. Please contact Ergonomic Partners sales engineer for help with your ergonomic tooling application.

Standard Grip Tools

Standard grip tools are ideal for round and similar shaped parts. These manipulators allow you to pick up and rotate parts in several different orientations, making positioning of awkward loads easy. Our engineering staff will custom design your tooling to fit your exact needs. These manipulators are ideal for loads ranging from 20 pounds to 400 pounds.

Magnet Grip Tools

Magnet lift assist are ideal for steel parts with a thickness of a quarter inch or more. Our engineers utilize air powered permanent magnets and electromagnets depending on your application. These magnet manipulators can handle loads up to 1,000 pounds. Whether you are picking up large flat sheets of steel or or cylindrical steel tube, you can utilize these magnet powered manipulators for many steel handling solutions. These magnet manipulators have an option to prevent the part from being released in mid air. This is an intrinsically safe design built into the air circuit of the tooling. If you are using electromagnetic, we offer customers the option for battery backup to prevent the part from being released if power is lost.

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