Hydraulic or Pneumatic Manipulator Arms and Vertical Lifters

Positech is an industry leader in manipulator arms, welding manipulator, lift assist, industrial manipulator arms, torque arms, lifting devices and vertical lift cylinders. We offer a broad range of manipulator arms including hydraulic, vertical and pneumatic lift assists.

Taurus Hydraulic Manipulator Arm

Designed to emulate the human arm, Positech's high-capacity Taurus Positioning Arm (TPA) handles the heaviest loads with precision - up to 2,500 pounds

The Taurus is the ideal selection when precision handling and heavy weight factors come into play. This manipulator's parallel arm is articulated at the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Safe, low-voltage, variable speed controls can be hand held, machine mounted or built into an ergonomically designed control station. The operator manually controls all horizontal movement and positioning. Vertical movement is achieved with a motor-driven hydraulic system.

Specifications for Standard Models

Model Lifting Capacity (lbs.)* Vertical Lift (in.) of Payload (in.) Maximum Radial Reach to Center (in.)
TPA-5 500 64 114
TPA-10 1000 64 116
TPA-15 1500 64 116
TPA-25 2500 64 136
Requires 110-volt AC at 30 amps or 220/460 at 20 amps and *Includes payload and tooling Options available for extended lift and reach.
SAM - Simple Air Manipulator Arm

For jobs that require the compliance and float of a pneumatic manipulator, this machine gives the highest level of feel and position to payload. Positech's Pneumatic Manipulator uses air power to provide quick response and superior maneuverability with loads up to 900 pounds

The Simple Air Manipulator's lift cylinder uses compressed air for vertical lifting positioning. Positech's Simple Air Manipulators come equipped with a standard operator-controlled up/down metering valve.

As an option, automatic balancing control, combined metering and balancing control, or an ergonomic twist grip control, is available. Precision bearings at every articulating point to minimize resistance to movement. This unit is the ideal drum manipulator, as you can lift, rotate and pour with precise control.

Specifications for Standard Models

Model Lifting Capacity lbs. (kg)* Vertical Lift in. (m) Reach ft. (m) Minimum Recommended Overhead Clearance ft. (m)
G 150-390 (68-177) 45-87 (1-2) 6-11 (2-3) 9-16 (2-5)
K 240-680 (109-308) 45-100 (1-3) 6-12 (2-4) 9-19 (2-6)
P 350-940 (159-426) 45-100 (1-3) 6-12 (2-4) 9-19 (2-6)
Requires 80 psi (5.52 bar) clean, dry air to operate at rated capacity. *Includes payload and end-effector; increasing arm length reduces payload capacity.

Our LodeArm and LodeArm II lightweight manipulators provide excellent maneuverability of payloads up to 225 pounds, increasing employee's capacity to perform physically stressful, repetitive lifting tasks

Easily adjustable to fit almost any work cell, Positech's LodeArm and LodeArm II are high-capacity lift systems in very compact packages. These units provide rigid support and reach in capability. The LodeArm 4500 functions in low headroom spaces, with a horizontal lift arm that swings downward 45°. Model 3030's horizontal lift arm travels 30° up and down. The LodeArm II is mounted on an overhead light rail trolley.

LodeArm Specifications for Standard Models

Model Maximum Lifting Capacity at 77 in. (lbs.)* Vertical (in.)** Maximum Reach (in.)
LA-3030 225 54 113
LA-4500 225 38 113
LAII-3030 225 54 61
LAII-4500 225 38 61
Requires 80 psi clean/dry air to operate at rated lift capacity.
*Capacity varies according to arm length. Includes payload, tooling and **Vertical lift varies according to lift-arm length
Transfer Arm

Positech's low-profile Transfer Arm allows placement in areas too confined to accommodate larger material handling equipment. Specifically designed for minimum vertical travel and to fit limited-access work cells, this machine is well-suited for loading and unloading machining centers and for positioning assembly. Mounting options include pedestal, mobile/portable base, overhead fixed or on trolleys.

Specifications for Standard Models

Model Lifting Capacity* (lbs.) Vertical Lift (in.) Reach (inches)
ATA-3** 300 24 72
ATA-5** 500 24 72
TTA-3*** 300 24 72
TTA-5*** 500 24 72
*Includes payload and tooling. **Requires 90 psi air to operate @ rated lift capacity.
***Standard 110VAC @ 20 amps. Options available for extended lift and reach.
AJB - Articulated Jib Boom

Designed for low headroom operations and to maneuver around work-areas obstructions, our standard models support up to 2,000 pounds and allow 360° rotation around the main post.

Shown here with a CM Max Balancer unit (as shown here), the Articulated Jib Boom can also be used with a Vertical Lift Cylinder for much higher load capacities.

When low headroom prohibits space, the Positech Articulated Jib Boom could be the ideal solution. Maneuver around obstructions with a radial reach of 10 feet and 360° rotation around the main post. Engineered to fit easily into any facility. The Articulated Jib Boom is a more ergonomic replacement to a standard, stiff arm jib. It mounts on pedestals, overhead spacers, wall or column flanges and portable bases. Extended reaches are available.

Specifications for Standard Models

Model** Maximum Moment (Reach x Total Payload) Allowed at Main Axes (in.-lb.) Loading Example*
AJB-40 24,000 200 lb.@ 120 inches
AJB-60 48,000 400 lb. @ 120 inches
AJB-90 72,000 600 lb. @ 120 inches
AJB-150 126,000 1,050 lb. @ 120 inches
AJB-200 156,000 1,300 lb. @ 120 inches
AJB-300 240,000 2,000 lb. @ 120 inches
*Reaches beyond 120 inches available   **Custom articulated jibs available
Vertical Lift Cylinder

With up to 6,000-pounds capacity, Positech's Vertical Lift Cylinder is ideal for straight line transfer, over-the-assembly line handling and reach-in operations when combined with an overhead rail system or a Positech Articulated Jib Boom.

The Positech V-Lift system is uniquely designed with a pneumatic or hydraulic lift cylinder. This lift cylinder provides smooth, controlled lift with the flexibility of off-center loading. Control circuits and auxiliary/optional components mount on the cylinder case, keeping the tooling and operator sight lines free of obstructions. The V-Lift can be mounted on a monorail trolley, a dual rail bridge, or on the Positech Articulated Jib Boom.

Specifications for Standard Models

Model Lifting Capacity (lbs.)* Maximum Moment Load (in.-lbs.) Vertical Lift (in.)
Lite Lift 400 0 24-48
Pneumatic 800 15,000 12-60
Hydraulic 6000 90,000 12-60
Pneumatic requires 90 psi clean and dry air to operate at rated lift capacity and *includes payload and tooling.
Torque ReactionArm Model RA6000

Positech's ReactionArm absorbs shock, torsional forces, and impact force from power tools; therefore reducing carpal tunnel injury and cumulative trauma disorders.

Cumulative trauma injuries cost the U.S. economy billions each year. The ReactionArm reduces injuries to workers' wrists, arms and upper bodies by absorbing the shock of the attached power tool. A power tool mounted on a ReactionArm can be easily moved and positioned throughout the work cell. A variety of styles, capacities and mounting options provide versatility.

Tabletop Unit - 50 Ft-Lbs Maximum Torque

Lift Arm Length (inches) Lift Height (inches) Lift Capacity (pounds)
21.5 21.5 60.0
Standard main arm lengths available: 18 in. and 24 in. Requires 90 psi clean and dry air to operate at rated lift capacity.

Pit Mount Unit - 80 Ft-Lbs Maximum Torque

Lift Arm Length (inches) Lift Height (inches) Lift Capacity (pounds)
24.0 24.0 40.0
30.0 30.0 30.0
36.0 36.0 20.0
Requires 90 psi clean and dry air to operate at rated lift capacity.

ReactionArm - 850 Ft-Lbs Maximum Torque

Lift Arm Length (inches) Lift Height (inches) RA-3P Lift Capacity (lbs.)
36.0 20.4 235
42.0 23.8 200
48.0 27.3 165
54.0 30.7 140
60.0 34.1 120
Standard main arm lengths available: 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, and 54 inches. Requires 90 psi clean and dry air to operate at rated lift capacity.
ReactionArm Documentation, Brochures, Manuals and Helpful Resources:
World Manipulator

The World Manipulator combines the strength of the Taurus and the agility of the SAM while incorporating universally accepted metric specifications for easy service and maintenance anywhere in the world. This pneumtaic manipulator is designed for low headroom applications that require extended reach and handles loads up to 200 kilograms (440 pounds).

The World Manipulator is a strong, handy extension of the operator's arm. It protects expensive payloads, speeds up handling and can reach long distances in headroom-restricted areas. This manipulator arm's side-loading feature allows the user to extend the tooling and payload well beyond the end of the arm while rotating 360° around the arm.

Specifications for Standard Models

Model Lifting Capacity (kg/lb.) Vertical Lift Clearance (mm/in.) Reach (mm/in.) Minimum Overhead (mm/in.)
WM 200 200/440 1397/55 2921/115 2185/86
WM 300 300/660 1397/55 2921/115 2185/86
Requires 6.2 BAR (90-psi) clean and dry air to operate at rated lift capacity. Oversized lift cylinder available for lower supply pressures.

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