TC/American Patented Track Cranes TC/American Patented Track Cranes TC/American Patented Track Cranes

TC/American Patented Track Cranes

Ideal for Laundry, Aviation, and Space Industries!

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TC American Patented Track Cranes and Monorails

TC/American Patented Track Cranes, monorails and runways are made of special steel containing a high carbon and manganese content. This makes the running surfaces extremely hard and tough due to the chemistry of the steel. This special material provides the perfect running surface for the cranes and runways with our articulating trolleys. For this reason TC American Patented Track is an economical choice where superior wear and smooth running surface is a priority.

A unique feature of TC American patented track is the utilization of multi-wheel articulating trolleys which provide equal weight distribution which in turn lessens the wear on the system. Typical I-Beam and Wide Flange structural steel systems are rigid and thus rocking and load shifts can cause extra wear. Standard structural steel systems (I-Beams and Wide Flange) are subject to rolling of the flanges also known as peening.

When considering a patented track system whether a monorail, or bridge crane keep in mind they do not take up any floor space as compared to a ground based material handling system. All of the systems are designed to meet your exact requirements whether a basic hand push trolley, monorail or heavy duty bridge crane. These are engineered utilizing our 200, 325, 400 or 450 series rail. With over 80 years in the patented track market as TC American, American Monorail, Twin City Monorail and Spanmaster, let our experienced sales engineers design a system to fit your applications specific needs.

TC/American Laundry Monorail

TC/American Laundry Monorail

The 200 Series systems are ideal for laundries. The TC American monorail systems include proper switches, curves and special trolleys for the laundry industry. Laundry monorails reduce workers handling of linens and increase the available floor space by getting the laundry off the floor. With reduced handling the employee’s injury rate and fatigue are minimized.

  • TC/American 200 Series Monorails are the best in the laundry industry
  • The profile of the track is narrow thus reducing height and flange stress
  • Jolt free transition across splice due to overlapping splice design
  • Customizable hanger locations can be place anywhere along the monorail and up to 12" off splice centerline.
  • Lightweight design makes installation quick and easy.
  • Custom designed articulating laundry trolleys provide reduced operator push/pull forces with reduced wear on the track
  • Systems have compact switches and short radius curves which provide installation ease.

Twin City Monorail Single Girder Cranes and Spanmaster Double Girder Cranes

Monorail Single Girder Crane

TC/American | Spanmaster Single and Double Girder Crane advantages:

  • Provided in all rail sizes: 200, 325, 400 or 450 Series
  • Can be provided in hand push, hand chain driven, center drive, and two motor drive
  • Available in three phase electrical or air driven (typically for hazardous environments)
  • Available with interlocks to transfer load crane to crane or crane to monorail.
  • Increased hook height due to hoist being positioned between the girders
  • Longer spans available
  • Lighter wheel loads possible due to multiple wheels
  • Custom systems available

Ergonomic Partners is a master distributor for Patented Track, TC/American Monorail, Twin City Monorail and Spanmaster; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico, and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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