Trolleys and Beam Clamps for Hoists

CM Series 633 Plain Push Trolleys - Wide Range Trolley

Simple, rugged, built for trouble-free service and ease of operation across a wide range of beam applications.

CM Series 633 Beam Trolley Features:

  • 1-5 ton capacity ready for immediate shipment
  • Rugged steel side plates formed to include bumpers and trolley guards
  • Frames connected by steel equalizer pin, secured by two nuts on each side
  • Universal tread flanged track beam trolley wheels equipped with shielded ball bearings
  • Easy rolling on American standard shapes, wide flange shapes or patented rail
  • Bearings pre packed with lifetime lubricant
  • One-year warranty
CM Series 632 Plain Push Ball Bearing Trolley

This shorter, more compact trolley is 50% lighter than competitive beam trolleys, yet every bit as sturdy.

CM Series 632 Trolley Features:

  • Shorter, more compact trolley is 50% lighter than competition
  • Negotiates radius curves as tight as 7 to10 inches
  • Made of highest quality rolled steel
  • Unique double row, ball bearing wheel design for greater wear capacity
  • Larger V-bars available for wider flange adjustment
  • For low headroom applications
  • Bearings pre-packed with lifetime lubricant
  • Exclusive Dial-Fit collar quickly adapts trolley to wide range of beams
  • Dust covers shield and protect bearings
  • Trolleys available for larger beams, rails or tracks; contact EP
  • Cast iron trolley guards available (except for 3 ton)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.
CM Model 84A Plain Push and Hand Geared Trolleys

A long life of superior performance and minimal maintenance with fully sealed precision bearings, heavy-duty side frames, and fully machined wheel tread.

CM Series 84A Hoist Trolley Features:

  • 1/4 through 25 ton capacities with 30-50 ton trolleys available as tandem construction.
  • Lifetime lubricated, precision ball bearings on trolleys through 3 ton capacity.
  • Capacities 4 tons+ are equipped with sealed, Timken tapered roller bearings and grease fittings.
  • Heavy rolled steel side frames extend beyond the beam trolley wheels for superior strength and rigidity.
  • 1/4 through 12 tons capacities use universal treads for use on flat or tapered flanges.
  • 16 through 25 tons capacities operate on American Standard I-beams with tapered flanges.
  • Hoist trolley wheels fully machined from alloy cast iron and hardened for high strength and long life.
  • Alloy steel axles and equalizer pins are heat treated for maximum strength and wear life.
  • Available to fit a broad range of wider flange beams.
  • Made in the USA
  • Spark resistant models available
CBT Plain Push and Geared Trolleys

This smooth rolling beam trolley features steel wrap around side plates, dual tread beam trolley wheels and lifetime lubricated shielded ball bearings and is available in plain and geared models.

CM CBT Push Trolley Features:

  • Capacities - Rated loads from 1/4 to 5 Ton (Metric Rated). In plain and geared models.
  • Rugged - Designed to provide superior performance and long, efficient service.
  • Universal Hanging Clevis - Accepts most hook mounted hoists.
  • Bearings - Lifetime lubricated
  • Plain push or hand geared beam trolley
  • Wrap-Around Side Plates - Lugs provide additional safety
  • Dual Tread Wheels - Will fit either tapered or flat beam flange
  • Lifetime Warranty
CM Beam Clamps

The CM beam clamp provides a simple, safe and portable way to suspend your hoist from an overhead beam.

  • 2000 lbs. thru 20,000 lbs. capacity in stock for immediate shipment
  • Designed to fit flanges of most I-Beams and wide flange beams
  • Act as a semi-permanent lifting point for use with manual or electric hoists
  • Load pin incorporated for load suspension with reduced headroom most structural beams
  • Shackle can be incorporated for load suspension if required

Manually operated hoists, chain falls, hand chain hoists, lever hoists provides industry with an inexpensive way to handle your product safely. We can help out the smallest machine shop, and garage or the largest mechanical contractor to fulfill your order quickly from our stock of hand chain hoists, trolleys and electric hoists.

Ergonomic Partners proudly stocks and sells CM (Columbus McKinnon) material handling equipment. Whether lifting steel beams or positioning delicate electronic equipment, all of the necessary products are available from a single source – CM Complete Lifting Systems. Jib cranes, enclosed track systems, crane components, trolleys, and beam clamps offer numerous options overhead, while hoists are available in electric, air, and manual configurations. Below-the-hook attachments like spreader beams, shackles, chain slings, hooks, and clamps round out the most versatile line in the industry. One authority that has it all. An integral part of Columbus McKinnon Corporation, the CM brand has built a reputation for quality and durability for more than 130 years.

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