Custom Lifting Device and Lift Assist Manufacturer, Industrial Manipulator Arms and Ergonomic Lifts

Ergonomic Partners designs, distributes and manufacturers off the shelf and custom mechanical lifting devices for the HVAC, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food, Casting Facilities, Tire Facilities, Printing Facilities and many more.


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Custom Lifting Devices & Lift Assist Manufacturer

Ergonomic Partners specializes in and manufacturers custom lifting devices and other ergonomic lifting solutions that include: electromagnets, permanent magnets, mechanical tools, compressed air, vacuum lift assist, and battery powered lifters that can simulate the human arm, hand, or wrist.

Gorbel G-Force Lifting Device

The G-Force moves with the operator. They move as fast or as slow as the operator chooses to move. These ergonomic lifting devices are ideal for applications that require high speed at some point in the cycle and slow, precise movements at other points.

Gorbel Easy Arm Intelligent Lifter

The Easy Arm is the perfect solution for small work cells with a need for speed and precision. These Intelligent Assisted Lifts (IAD's) give the operator the control necessary to finesse expensive or fragile parts.

Vacuum Tube Lifters and Hoist

Vacuum Lifting can require simple or complex solutions. At Ergonomic Partners, we specialize in matching the correct vacuum lifter with the right application. Vacuum hoist are perfect for bag lifting, box handling and sheet handling. These ergonomic lifting devices can handle flat and slightly rounded parts giving you a lot of flexibility when it comes to handling a part.

Portable Ergonomic Lifters

Portable Ergonomic Lifts are a cost effective way to covering a large area where a lift assist and crane might ideal. These portable roll lifters are ideal for drum handling, roll handling, box handling and can be modified to handle custom lifting applications.

Tool Balancers – Spring and Air Balancers

Endo balancers can be identified by their conical cable drum, which ensures that the retraction force remains virtually 'constant', throughout the full cable travel. As a result, the position is retained after the attached tool has been used. In addition, no noteworthy increase in retraction force occurs when delicate operations are being performed. As a result, Wampler tool balancers permit fatigue-free working, even over prolonged periods of time.

Manipulator Arms

Industrial manipulator arms are an ideal way for handling heavy and awkward payloads like drums, weldments, castings and machined parts. Manipulator arms allow the operator to perform tasks that typical hoist or overhead lifting systems cannot. Industrial manipulators allow the operator to perform functions such as reach-in, reach-under or into areas with overhead obstructions.

Custom End Effectors

Combined with an industrial manipulator arm, we can provide a wide array of mechanical tools, C-Frame tools, vacuum tools, pneumatic grippers, magnet tooling, expanding mandrels and almost any custom tool to handle your application.

Zero Gravity Tool Balancers

Zero Gravity Tool balancers are perfect ergonomic lifting solution for applications with suspended tools such as welders, pneumatic tools, grinders, sanders, buffers, drills, torque wrenches, rivet squeezers and hand tools. Zero Gravity Arms are used when the precision and control of a pneumatic balancer or spring balancer is just not enough.

Ergonomic Partners is a custom lifting device and vacuum lift manufacturer; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.