Manufacturer of Heavy Duty Top and Under Running Overhead Bridge Cranes

Ergonomic Partners manufacturers overhead bridge cranes from 250 pounds to 100 tons, and up to 150 foot span. We specialize in providing the right equipment for the customer's needs. Our many years of experience in helping customer's choose the right equipment is proven by the hundreds of cranes sold.

Ergonomic Partners can help with your overhead bridge crane early in the project by developing a specification for the right type of equipment, and working with the building architects to assure it will fit in your building and provide the proper operation. Too many times a bridge crane is an afterthought and vital items such as hook height, and floor coverage are sacrificed due to poor planning.

We can provide top running bridge cranes as follows:
  • Single Girder Top Running Bridge Crane-Up to 20 ton capacity
  • Up to 120 foot span
  • Double Girder Top Running Bridge Crane-Up to 100 ton capacity
  • Up to 150 foot span

Typically Top Running overhead systems are used in applications that are more demanding, especially double girder top running bridge cranes. We can provide overhead bridge cranes to go into clean rooms, explosive environments, molten metal handling and other demanding environments. If a typical bridge crane is not what will fit your application we can provide cranes such as single and double leg gantry cranes.

Whether you need manual, electric or air powered bridge crane we can provide a solution.

In addition to the bridge crane, we can provide the runway structure to work in conjunction with a new building or an existing building.

  • Completely Freestanding (very good for existing structures or light metal buildings) for top or under running design overhead cranes
  • Freestanding but tied back to the building structure-(in buildings with some substance-new or existing buildings) for top or under running design bridge crane.
  • Suspended from your building (typically new buildings)-under running design overhead bridge crane
  • Set on haunches (typically new building construction)-top running system

All runways are designed per CMAA, ANSI and AISC specifications and are designed by a professional engineer. These runways can be stamped by a professional engineer.

If you are looking at an under running bridge crane we recommend a patented track system from TC/American.

TC/American Under Running Overhead Cranes: For Loads Up to 20 Tons

Need to move loads up to 20 tons? We can help! TC/American cranes and bridge systems can handle loads up to 5 tons, but TC/American's line of patented track can handle loads up to 20 tons.

Let us help you make your selection. We have years of experience working with building manufacturers, and architects to design an overhead bridge crane system that fits your specific needs.

Free Standing TC/American bridge crane Systems are built using TC/American's unique patented Track. Its special raised tread and high carbon track is superior to I-Beam runways in strength, durability and consistency. Capacities are available from 2 to 5 ton with spans to 60 feet.

  • Available in braced designs or completely free standing
  • Heights under bridge from 10 - 20 feet
  • Runway support centers from 20 - 60 foot increments.

Ceiling Mounted TC/American Overhead Crane Systems

The systems are built using our unique patented Track. Its special raised tread and high carbon runway track is superior to I-Beam crane runways in strength, durability and consistency. Capacities are available from 2 to 5 ton with spans to 60 ft.

  • Runway support centers from 20 - 60 foot increments.
  • We can work with your building manufacturer to design a cost effective system that hangs from stubs they provide, or dual hanger rods.
  • Get us involved up front to work out all the details such as attachment to building, bracing, wheel loads, and hook height requirements.

Why is patented track superior for your overhead bridge crane and runway?

Patented track Runway Features:
  • High carbon flange means longer track life - we have seen systems from the early 1900's still in use!
  • Raised tread provides durability and superior safety—these rails are designed for cranes which is not the case for I beam and wide flange systems-you will not experience early rail wear and peening.
  • 100% weld penetration ensures quality.
  • Straight rails make installation a whiz. Just ask any installer who has done a lot of under running systems which they prefer? An I beam system or patented track system? We guarantee they will choose the patented track bridge crane system!
  • These bridge crane beams are held to machine tolerances, unlike very relatively loose mill tolerances on I beam or wide flange systems. Components are built and assembled with jigs and fixtures which ensure consistency not possible with steel from the mill and thus an easy long lasting installation.
  • Efficient design for spanning - the bridge crane and runway beams are designed for your exact span/length. Saves on weight and thus on your building design.
  • Standardized lower flange provides compatibility. Patented track features the same 3-1/4 inch wide lower flange regardless of rail height or load carrying capacity. The lower flange of an I-beam increases in width and thickness as its depth increases. Beams of different sizes are therefore not compatible. The result? I-beam crane systems are costly and difficult to expand.
  • Rugged long lasting components - systems going on 95+ years old!
Available Accessories:
  • Monorails and Monorail Curves
  • Interlocks
  • Monorail Switches
  • Explosion resistant
  • Air power
  • Safepowerbar Electrification
Overhead Crane and Hoist Service and Inspections

Ergonomic Partners offers one of the most comprehensive overhead hoist and crane inspection and serivce programs available today. Our system offers everything from periodic OSHA compliance crane and hoist inspections to a complete overhead crane and hoist preventative maintenance program and service.

Ergonomic Partners does not typically handle used cranes as the short and long term costs are significant. We have found over the years the cost of buying a used crane and refurbishing it to your specifications is approaching the cost of a new crane. If you are in the market for a used crane system give us a chance to show you how affordable a new fully warranted overhead bridge crane system can be or your plant.

Let Ergonomic Partners help you choose the right overhead gantry crane system for your application. Our specialty as an overhead crane manufacturer is working with you and your builder/architect to satisfy your overhead material handling needs.Please contact Ergonomic Partners for additional information.

Ergonomic Partners manufacturers and services overhead cranes; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.