Crane Anti-Collision Systems: ReFlex, Laser Guard2 and Duct-O-Wire Optic Sensor

Crane Anti-Collision systems can be set up to slow down and stop overhead cranes when traveling towards another crane or structure. These devices not only used to protect the expensive material handling equipment in your plant, but it also protects your operators. If operators are traveling in cab operated cranes, this crane anti-collision sensor can audibly alarm them, causing them to slow down their crane and prevent potentially devastating accidents.

Duct-O-Wire CAS-1RA and CAS-1RA-O Single Event Option Laser

This system allows LED reflective sensing up to 33 feet for crane to crane separation and end stop anti-collision. These are some of our most popular kits, and come with the sensor unit, reflector array, mounting bracket, and 24 to 240 VAC. If you have energy efficient fluorescent lighting or metal halide you will need the CAS-1RA-O option for the LED to function correctly.

Part Number Description Price
Complete Duct-O-Wire Crane Anti-Collision Kits
CAS-1RA Single Event LED Optic Sensor Crane Anti-Collision Kit Click for Pricing
CAS-1RA-O Single Event LED Optic Sensor Crane Anti-Collision Kit for Metal Halide Installs Click for Pricing
CAS-2L100 Two Event Optical Laser Crane Anti-Collision Kit Click for Pricing
Magnetek ReFlx Crane Anti-Collision Systems

The ReFlx 120 and Refx 45 utilizes a solid state control board in a small easy to mount enclosure. These systems can be used on single speed, stepped controlled, and VFD style cranes. The ReFlx 120 system has a two channel infrared sensor adjustable from 2 to 120 feet. The two channel sensor can be set up multiple ways, but typically the first channel is used as the primary stop, while the second channel is used as the redundant stop. Magnetek's ReFlx 45 enhances the performance of overhead material handling systems by preventing crane-to-crane or crane-to-end-stop collisions.

Typical 120 Kits include the following:
  • Two-Channel Sensor
  • Controller
  • Diamond Reflective Target (2 foot x 2 foot)
Typical 45 Kits include the following:
  • Ideal for a single stop action
  • All electronic components are built into one housing, enabling easy installation on overhead material handling applications.
  • 3-45 foot detection range
  • IP67 rating for indoor applications
  • 24-240 VAC, 12-240 VDC
  • LEDs indicating power and range for simple set-up and troubleshooting
  • System Includes: Sensor,Sensor bracket, 2 X 2 ft. adhesive reflector standard for convenient placement
Part Number Description Price
REFLX120 Magnetek ReFlx 120 Crane Anti-Collision System Click for Pricing
REFLX45-AD Magnetek ReFlx 45 Crane Anti-Collision System Click for Pricing
Electromotive LaserGuard2 Collision Avoidance System

Consisting of self-monitoring optical lasers to keep track of your crane, this is the most technologically advanced system in the industry. It has the ability to consistently manage crane to crane and wall to crane applications.

Features Include:

  • Optical Laser continually monitors crane position so primary signaling is not affected by electrical noise.
  • Can be installed with 3 programmable control zones: Alarm, Slow Down and Stop
  • Range from 10 feet to 150 feet
  • Laser can acquire a target under any lighting conditions
  • Dynamically protected as laser faults if target is lost.
  • Military spec, shock mounted circuit board
  • Class 1 laser meets OSHA 6 environmental regulations. Essentially, if you look at the laser, it won't hurt your eyes.
Part Number Description Price
LG2-H-4 LaserGuard2 Anti-Collision System for AC or 120-370 VDC Indoor Cranes Click for Pricing
LG2-L-4 LaserGuard2 Anti-Collision System for Indoor 9-36 VDC Cranes Click for Pricing
LG2-H-4X LaserGuard2 Anti-Collision System for Indoor AC/DC Corrosive Environment Cranes Click for Pricing

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